I Got It, I Got It, I Got It!!!!


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Nov 10, 2003
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I am SOOOOOOOOO chuffed with myself i could burst :lol:
I got the job and i want to thank karren,vicky,G,lindag,do-it-all-deb,suey and dee especially for all your support cos as you all know i was SOOOOOOO NERVOUSabout the whole thing after only doing mobile.
Don't think i said the salon is called DEBonair and is owned by a lovely lady called DEBRA,hey it was fate!!
i'm saying i got the job but i will be self-employed as i will be renting the space,i was so nervous cos it is a high class salon with a good reputation so i was worried if she thought i was'nt good enough for her.
Didn't do a full set as she had to go somewhere so she asked me just to put a couple on,i had a problem in that i took my new Fabric set i got on conversion (had been using the try me kit up until now but thought i would take nice new set) the silk strip in it would not play nice,middle would bond abit but none of the rest,i did not touch it at all i used tweezers to pick up and apply as i always do, so at this point i thought thats it,i've lost it i could only get the small stress strip to bond,she was so nice she said don't worry it could be a dodgy strip and to carry on just with the stress bit on,PHEW!,She loved the end result and i am going back on Tuesday to finish the set and meet the other girls.She has 5 hair stylists and 2 beauticians.Will have to go to leeds OSNS and get some new silk first i think!!!!! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE, DEBS.X
HOOORAH! well done you ! :) :) :)

Knew you could do hun..! Iv just finished work and couldn't wait to come and see what had happened..!:biggrin:

I'm so chuffed for you...and me..lol

Well Done

well done ,i knew you would be great,bet it was a nerve jangler though lol :) i know you will be a fantasic sucess,go and have a bottle of wine now,and get ratted!! take care love dee
congrats & good luck xx:D
Way to go girl:D :D :D !!!

Glad we all helped your nerves!
Congratulations to you, must be very exciting and nerve racking all at the same time but well done, i would be a mess if it was me!!! x x x
THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH,i'm still chuffed,just chuff chuffin along like a little steam engine! :) Just to warn you all i am soooooooooooooo gonna have alot of questions coming your way so brace yourselves! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ahhhh, well done!

You must be very pround of yourself!


wooo hooo well done you!!
Nice one babe xxxxxxxxxx
I bet you are so exited !!!!!!
Have a ball xxxxxxxxxx
good for you hun good luck with it all!! :D
Well done chick!! Best of luck! G. xx
Good luck Debs with tomorrow meeting your fellow work mates..;) I start on the 3rd of June...Just trying to get all my bits together...insurance, tunic and all the stuff for my new desk..!

Let me know how you got on....and iv gotta take my price list in..omg i cant wait...:eek:

Vicky x
Well Done You!! Congratulations!

When are you starting Debs?

Suey xx
I'm starting next Thursday Suey, :eek:
Just to let everyone know Debra (salon owner) has phoned me and i will be working on a percentage basis,,,she gets 20% of my takings which sounds jolly good to me!!!!
I will be doing thurs,fri and saturdays,late night till 8.00pm on thurs.
it's better than me paying rental and losing out at 1st,,when client base improves it will then go to rental basis,,,she also told me she has just agreed to take on a junior stylist only it is not a young girl HE IS A 30yr OLD BLOKE :) :) :) HOW MUCH BETTER CAN THIS GET!!! debs .X
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