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Jun 30, 2005
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Seattle, WA USA
I picked them up friday, and have been staring at them and not playing much just yet lol- although I did rebalance my own yesterday and made a NICE coverage gel for my nail bed- mixed french pink cool with silver frost and a PINCH of red for a nice pink..


The picture makes them look a little wonky, but you get the jist of it- my own nailbeds are pretty short, so I like to camoflauge them.

I will post pics of the color gels in the next few days after I play with them a bit more...


And YES, they are as vibrant in person as in print. And a bit thinner in viscocity, I am guessing this is because it needs to be to cure properly... :)
Gorgeous Nails Heather :hug:
They are stunning!
Lucky devil - I'm green with envy.
They look great Heather:)
Haha I knew from the title of the thread who it was by before I even saw your name Heather.

Very pretty x
LMAO :lol:
that is too funny...

Sas I was laughing and thought the same thing..

Heather they look beautiful
Heather they look lovely x
They look stunning. Loving the look of the gels :) Cant wait to get my own and have a play. I bet you've had loads of comments on those. xx
Gorgeous nails Heather... I was 'thinking' of going to my suppliers this week, you've just convinced me I NEED TO GO :wink2:
I didn't know I was so predictable lol ;)

The Bolds (the primary colors and then some) kit has little mixing trays and a color wheel with 6 colors- the shimmers kit came with three shimmer gels- a silver frost, gold shimmer, and silver shimmer. They are all stunning, the silver frost is the most subtle sheen I have ever seen...

I like the color to play with for art, you can literally DRAW with it.

More pics to come, and maybe I will try to be sneaky when I title the thread lol...
I like the color to play with for art, you can literally DRAW with it.

More pics to come, and maybe I will try to be sneaky when I title the thread lol...
Are the coloured gels a thin enough viscosity to be able to use a fine brush to do nailart?

Looking forward to some more pics :D
Beautiful nails x
Sandi they are. :) They are about the same thickness as the White gel paint. BUT! You know how you use a string to create a smile line? I would pull a bit of string and draw WITH it.

And I forgot to say HEY THANKS GEEKS for the kind comments. :) I wasn't fishing HONEST! I just wanted to show the color :) I didn't think it was right to brag about my new toys and not show you ANYTHING lol.
Oh Heather I am so jelous! I really wanted to get them at the ABA but with all the other stuff on my list they just wern't in the budget! Hoping to get some before Christmas if I can though.

Watching the educators doing nail art with them was amzing though!
I got mine too! I had my Brisa Rebalancing class today after Nailpro Sacramento yesterday and our ambassador walked us through some of the nifty things we can do with them. I've got some serious ghetto nails after being a model for several of my classmates and I'm planning to do something fun with mine this week.

Very pretty nails Heather ... you can do mine anytime your in London! :lol:
Very pretty hun :hug: Don't you just love the color gels? I think the mixing trays are sooooooooo cute!!:eek::lol:
fab work heather !!

they are next on my list need to have a play, the shimmers sound beautiful x
me too I have the bolds and the shimmers.... and they ARE beautiful, not only seem beautiful...
the colours are so gorgeus... fantastic kits!!!!
you can paint with them!!!!

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