I had so much fun today!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
A couple of weeks ago I helped to open a new salon for a customer I have had for many years at Creative - She has moved out here to Spain and built a beautiful salon on the Costa Orihuela.

After the opening she said it was a pity .. they anticipated being so busy that she wouldn't have the time to do any anil art over the Christmas rush (there are just 2 technicians in the new salon).

So I said, I'll come down for a day. Book me up and I'll do the Christmas Nail Art for you. So she did, and I went down yesterday. I had so much fun ... long time since I worked in a salon!! Ended up doing 2 full sets as well (of course I took my brush just in case!) as she had 3 unscheduled walk-ins and would have had to turn them away otherwise. And guess what?? Timing --- 1 hour 10! > I was so pleased that after all the years out of the salon I still 'had it'!! Guess it's like riding a bicycle!! Lot of fun.
Hiya love
Oh I bet you had a wonderfull time.............and what lucky ladies to get sets of nails done by the one and only :shock:
I couldnt think of any better person to help (when I open one) my salon to me would feel like I was in heaven if you was there to help :D
Bless ya you are allways there to help so kind and caring thats why I loves ya ;)
Cant wait till we have some fun.
Have a great Xmas Geeg eat drink be merry and chill before your well eraned trip.

Take care babe
Love Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxx
That sounds so great! Like anyone could actually "lost it". I say it's like riding a bicycle. :D Well... I'm off to my in-laws for 3 glorious weeks in So. Calif. YEAH! See ya' all laters! :p
Wow 1 hour and 10. I am so jealous. I am a new tech and it takes me 2 1/2 to 3 hours to do a full set with nail art. I wonder if I will ever get on that Bike, you are me hero. It is nice to hear that if I ever get it it wont go away.
hi geeg well love as dawnie says lucky girls to get beautiful nails from you wish you could do mine i would learn so much from sitting and watching you are you bringing your brush to the next show? ;) charge me a packet i would still be so happy to pay!! :D and wow 1hr 10 you go girl!x
You still got it Hun.......big time ....................
And yes I can believe that you had a fab time...........I have seen you at your Nail desk!!!!!
So when is the next time???? Did thoses lucky ladies know, they had their nails done by a true and fab Pro ????(pardon the pun)
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