I have practiced and practiced and this is the result


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Jan 11, 2006
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I have asked for help, took on board your advise and this is the result and i am now confident to offer this service to clients (yes living ones if i can find any lol) The plastic hands are useful but they just don't give feed back, so that's why i need feedback from you please real feedback and comments and areas to improve on. I have done a custom blend on myself using NSI acrylic products and then used black acrylic mixed with glitter.


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im not a professional, but i would definately be happy to pay for those! well done. who did u train with and how long has it taken you to get to that standard?xoxox
Hi, cant offer you any professional advice as I'm not experienced, but I can tell you that I would be quite happy to pay the going rate for nails like those.
Congratulations and good luck
i trained with grafftons but i don't use there products anymore. I work full time as a childminder so do nails in my spare time. I have been practicing smile lines now for about 3 months but i think i was working to dry. I was dreaming about smiles and then one day i woke up and started to do them i nearly cried i was so pleased a wait off my shoulders lol. So practice and practice.
They look fab i would pay for them xx
Mmmm they are gorgeous lovely job I reckon :)
They are really good,
lovely smiles, you need to bring in the sides of the free edge just slightly and it looks like on the ring finger and thumb that you have dragged the custom blend mix onto the smile line or that may be the light ?
not been horrid to you hun, you did ask :hug:
im not an expert but they look really good! much better job than i could do!xx
Free edges are fanned, need to tidy them up with a file.. so the file runs Straight down the nail..Smiles are nice.. but you have draged over some of the pink over the black (un-even surface of the tip - creates little wells where the pink can pool.. try using your brush straight up and down to make a crisp flat wall inside your smile and pat tip with back of brush on a downward angle to smooth out any bumps where the pink could settle into) other than those two things.. lovely! :) black does look so dramatic.
they look great:)
Very well done, and thanks for sharing with us xx

The custom blend is very well done, you have managed to 'blend' zones 2&3 without any noticable joining lines, which is quite difficult to begin with.

To try and avoid pulling the custom blend colour over the smile I would place your zone 2 bead just a little above the smiles (which are brill btw!) and pat with the belly of your brush until it just buts up against the smile, then graduate it out to zone 3 as you have been doing.

Bring the sides of your nails in a bit more, they do seem to fan out on a few, and it's never so obvious before you take the pic, but when you look at the pic you can see the shape better, I find anyway!

Great work, love the black tips.

I reckon they are looking pretty damn nice after only 3 months of practice.. Imagine when you have been practicing for 12 months - i believe you have the makings to become a very very good Nail Tech.. I have only just started my course and have only been practicing 2 tone now for 3 weeks, if i can get to your standard after 3 months i will be more then chuffed believe me, I too have been dreaming of smile lines arrggg
- congrats.. You should be very proud of yourself.
Hi Everyone. This is my first post, so please forgive any mistakes etc etc(also i access the internet off my cell phone) so i'm not sure how this post will come out. Moving on. . .
Wow what lovely lovely nails after only 3 months! You should be very proud of your work congratulations! Wanted to be cheeky and ask you if you wouldn't mind sharing what recipe you used for your custom blend using your NSI colours??
Hi Tmouse. Just bumping this up in the hope you might be able to share your custom blend recipe with me? You did use the nsi colour powders?
lovely smiles! :)
Agree with comments above, but over all they look fab & really love the glitter black!! Well done!! :)
Can't add anything, but you should be proud of yourself.
I just love them
I would want a set for me !! Good job! Be proud!!:)
Im a big fan of your style!! Love the colour.. I have just worked out how bringing in the side walls makes a big difference in the end.. and that yea, its not until you take a picture of your work that you see it.. :green:
either way i would be happy to wear your work!
:hug: You've done a Great job! I'd say looking at those you've got a Wonderful future ahead hun**

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