I love my chiropractor


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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
I went to see my chiropractor today and I absolutely love her. She truly is a miracle worker.

For the last couple of weeks I've been a complete pig to live with, absolutely zero tolerance, down everyone's throats, very tearful, and my memory has been shocking. At one point I was actually sat opposite one of my regular clients and couldn't remember her name. I was just not myself at all.

I decided to pay a visit to the chiropractor because a couple of the vertebrae on my back felt sore and I just wondered if there was a connection.

Turns out my skull was ever so slightly tilted to the right and was pressing on one of the main big veins which carries oxygen up to the brain. She has put it right quicky and easily, it feels heaps better and I can't believe how much sharper I feel now.

I go twice a year for a kind of MOT, so this was an in-between visit for me. Does anyone else swear by chiropractors?
I have always suffered with a clicky jaw....one of the girls I used to work with, her brother just qualified as a chiroprator...he did some mini treatments on us girls in the salon and sorted one side of my clicky jaw....i really must find someone to sort the other side...he lives in Norway now...

eating is so much easier with a one sided clicky jaw.....when eating things like toffee and real chewy stuff you could really hear my jaw click and sometimes i would get stuck....shuts me up lol!! I had dental treatment for years to try and sort it....well reminded....I'll look myself out a good chiropractor tomorrow, get the other side sorted.
I would not be able to work AT ALL if it was not for my chiropractor! I have had problems for over 15 years, all just hereditary stuff to do with the way my skeleton is a bit wonky!

I have seen chiropractors for about the last 10 years, and other than when things went really bad, and I had to have a disc out, they have always done the trick! I am now on a maintenance plan n go once a month and I get 2 out of every 10 appts free, cos I'm a loyal customer, lol!

Get your cards in your chiro practice too, I've had loads of business from there and actually had my chiro in yesterday for a pedicure! She said it felt so weird to be on the other side of all the questions lol! She also told me I had my seat too low n adjusted it for me, result!
I've had a couple of appointments with mine recently after not having been for about 4 years. I can now walk without limping (my pelvis was twisted and tipped forward so one leg was longer than the other) and I've actually gone for more than a week without a severe headache. I'm definitely going to keep it up this time, I didn't realise how bad my back was until I got it sorted.
I love mine too! My neck can get very sore from work leading to massive headaches. He printed out some very helpful exercises, plus i bought a neck and shoulder heat bag..my neck is so much better..and i am more aware of my posture.:)
You poor thing, glad you got it sorted, Ben gets a similar problem in his neck, puts him in a terrible mood too, any kind of back/neck pain is so debilatating, thank god for chiropracters! xx

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