I need a good pushie...


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Sep 13, 2007
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Seaham / North East
Hiya every one.

Can you recommend a good pushie?

The one i have is Designer Nails but the smaller end is a bit thick and blunt! I feel like i am gonna put it through my clients nail plate when i am using it because i have to press on that much to remover any dead tissue (even after 2min soak in cuticle remover)

Hi Gemma, I use the EzFlow pro-pusher, I love it, lets you get right in at the all that gunk at the sidewalls:)
Do you know what i have an OPI pusher and its awful...seriously....sounds like im being unprofessional i know.....:rolleyes:

And then one day i used a "wooden stick"....sorry dont know the english word:eek:....and it was really good...

Now im going to get shot down in flames i know...im hiding now...LOl

So come on guys id like to know a good "pusher" aswell...:)
The stainless steel one available from NSI is good also.
The stainless steel one available from NSI is good also.

I to would recommend this one and also the young nails multi tool, it has a pushy end just like the nsi one and the other end looks like a large set of tweezers for shaping the sides of your sculpts. Bril.
Have been beaten to it but the NSI one is fab!!!!! :)
I would recommend the Pro Pusher from EzFlow its excellent
Thanks every one! Gonna have a look at them both now!

I had a class one but i lost it (left it at a clients) and cant remember were i got it form.

THANKS... xxx
My Magic Wand

Not being funny www.youngnails .co.uk

It is a 3 in one tool cuticle pusher, remover and nail pincher for sculpts.

Love it Love it Love it Also love the name.:green::green:
I like the Magic Wand by Young Nails, have used it but haven't got one. I use one from The Edge, I think it's called an "Eradicator" and it does what it says. Has pusher and a cuticle knife. Love it and can't be without it.
the magic wand it has everything
magic wand too
when you learn (or are shown) how to use the OPI pusher plus, it's amazing, not only does it push back, but when you pull forward it cuts and scrapes away all dead tissue (but you have to know how to use it) , also how to resharpen it (it has an angle like no other) and i've tried heaps of em. It's more expensive, but well worth the extras dollars.

In the good ol days we used to push back then scrape sideways with cuticle nippers turned sideways ....... aaaaah (please never let me loose my memory)

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