I really can't take mobile,,,,,,,


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Feb 10, 2009
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Please someone can you give me any advice please.

I have just been to a new client's house, spray tan and shape and polish on hands and toes. We did the spray tan outside because of room, she put a t shirt on and then we did the shape and polish on hands, a put a towel down to sit on the chair to protect the chair, towel on table to do shape and polish, then did toes , towel on table, with my product's on, so everything I do, I protect thing's. So backed up come home and just had a fone call.

I have taken the varnish off the table,,,,,what,,,, ok so thinking on my toes,,,, ok,,,, let me think here ok,,,, is it bad,,,,, well yer it's my pride and joy,,,, ok,,,,, that's fine,,,,, ermmmmm I'll ring my insurance right now,,,,, oh it's saturday I'll have to wait until first thing mondaay morning,,,,, are you insurance then she said,,,, so I said yer oh cause so something like this they will deal with this,,,,,,I said I really really sorry I didn't realise,,,, I try so hard to think about protection,,, how it's happened I don't know,,, but if it is varnished they I know that any nail polish remover on it will strip varnish but I can't see how I have because as I used cotton wool with the remover on I put it straight it my bag.

Sorry for the long thread it's just I wanted to explain the situation, Ok so my question is this,,,, will the insurance pay out?????? how does it work?????? the girl is emailing a pic of it,,, so if the insurance ask's it's there.

How do you all manage mobile???? I have already in the last 3 month's burn't someone's carpet with my minx lamp she didn't make a claim,,, she said it's fine,,, everytime I see it I feel so guilty. It's putting my off mobile it's costing me more in damages than anything else.

Is it just me being unlucky or have some other fellow geeks experinced any damages like this???????

I worked for 10 years as a mobile therapist and I understand it can be hard work.

Since having children I decided to work from home which suits me much better...is this something you could consider or maybe rent a room somewhere?

I do understand that there are a lot of clients who want you to come to them, especially for treatments like tanning....but I have found just as many like to visit a high street salon or home based salon for their treatments.

When working mobile you never know what circumstances you are going to face, at least if you have your own working space you can set up as you wish and have everything to hand.

I'm not saying dont do mobile work as there are a lot of therapists who do it and love it....it just wasnt for me xx
I think it was your post I read the other day about not being able to work from home / put a pic of your room or home address on your site?

Im thinking maybe renting a space might be the best thing for you whewre you can have it all set up ready for your clients?

if not then you need to get some stragities in place so these things dont keep happening.

Hands down plastic backed pads are big enough to fit the table and protect it.

maybe buy a doormat or a heat proof pad (like for the kitchen for hot pans) to place your minx lamp on to cool.
I would go round to the client's to inspect the damage for myself (however awkward that may be!). At best she might be trying it on, at worst you might be able to figure out how it happened so you can avoid it in future.

I've got a folding mani table I use in clients' homes, but if I use their table eg to lay out my polishes for them to choose, I put a towel down underneath. I do this whether table looks like it was £5k or £5 lol.

It's bad that the base of the Minx lamp burned the carpet though. Should that happen?! I guess get a heat proof mat from a cookery shop, like mizzy_dizzy suggests.

I haven't been mobile all that long and yes, it is a faff, and there are so many things to think about. But I think each time I do a client I learn something and I am getting more organised (although setting up/packing up does add valuable time). However when I buy a house I'm definitely going to get somewhere with somewhere I can use to open a home salon!

Don't let these mishaps put you off. Learn from them, and if it suits you better to rent somewhere then do it, but don't give up x
Oh and definitely ring your insurance company - do they not have a number for weekends? x
Sorry but just to make it clear was your minx lamp laying down on the carpet ? as the base shuldnt be hot atall only the bulb and the metle light shade bit .
Thanks for the tips. I had everything on a towel, I'll have to look into something more protective.

I have tried the insurance company but it's just an answer fone.

I do work from home but I also offer mobile, not much mobile. It's just so upsetting. They have send me the pic and it doesn't look that bad,,, I'm wondering if you can have it revarnished, it's a small patch, put a mat over it and you wouldn't see it,,, but I understand if it was mine I guess I'd be the same.

I only make mistakes when I'm mobile I'm so busy working from home then if I have to go out to someone it's a really panic and I forget things or being a bit careless i guess. 9 years I've been a therapist, a year now working for myself and from what client's say my work is good, no complain's but it seem's that if I'm going to mess up it's damaging client's property,, great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry but just to make it clear was your minx lamp laying down on the carpet ? as the base shuldnt be hot atall only the bulb and the metle light shade bit .

it wasn't flat on the floor no. It was about a foot from the floor I had it standing up lending against my box that case's everything. There was a bath sheet, folded double on the floor then the client's feet. I still don't understand fully how it happened just had a pick the towel up I saw it then, the towel was fine.
i did mobile for 1 client every 2weeks for a rebalance as she lived near to me and i just used to put one of my mums old plastic place matts down to put my bits on and kitchen roll over as i was doing enhancements. hope you get the problem sorted i think i would go round if i was you sound like its not ur fault, i really dont like mobile as you dont know were your going and you dont haveall your stuff set out permently and your doing people a favour my traveling to them and then they exspect it cheaper then somthing like tht happens!
Hi It's easy to forget stuff. Would it help if you took an hour to make printed lists to go with each treatment you offer? Tick them off as you pack them AND when you re-pack at the client's house, then you won't lose anything. You could laminate them and use wipe-off pen. hth x
HUgs!! Just a quick suggestion. You can get pampers changing mats for kids they are plastic backed. Id defo go and have a look if you can xxx
Oh Kezza, you poor thing. I can imagine how I would feel and luckily that hasn't happened to me. I don't understand the Minx lamp thing. I don't do Minx but I do BioSculpture and have a UV lamp and can not imagine it burning anything, though I do put it on a mat I carry. And that is when I use it for the toes with no base plate so the lamp is over the foot on my mat and never is there any sign of any burning. If there was it would surely burn the client, so that leads me to wondering if you are taking on more blame than you ought? So, when it burned the carpet, was your towel also burned? If not, I do not understand how the carpet could be damaged if you see what I mean. Unless it was a light problem like when you have works of art near the window and then after a few years you see a mark on the wall where the picture was. Curious.

The table is a moot point as maybe the damage was already there and the client genuinely thinks it was you whilst maybe there is a family member who might know of some other reason that mark got there and not saying, or an accident the client didn't realise she had already done. But as you were not using a waterproof mat then it could have been a spill through the towel. Or a squirt flicking off the lid.

I use table covering from Dunelm that could be called an oil cloth but might not technically be oil cloth if you see what I mean. It costs £2.99 a metre but a metre is far too much! So I bought 50 cm and then cut that piece in half and keep one for hands and one for foot work. And they come in all sorts of wonderful patterns. I chose the pebble pattern 'cos if any acetone type product spilt the damage to the pattern would not be obvious but I found the pebbles to be impervious to any damage. Unfortunately the blue seaside pattern I had on my own dining table disliked anything slightly acetone and the pattern run or spoiled but it did not go through. We now have a jolly red gingham but I haven't checked if that will hold its colour. Anyway, these mats wash nicely, can be wiped down with disinfectant and even put in the washing machine. And then fold or roll nicely into my bags. Almost the best purchase I made. And it is these mats I have my uv lamp on without ever a problem. It gets a bit warm but no more than that.

I enjoy going into people's houses and not knowing what sort of environment I will be working in, and then there are those that are my favourites, and then there are times when it frustrates me completely and I have to cope with wrong size tables and chairs and bad operating positions. Never a dull day!

Caroline x
:hug: I know EXACTLY how you feel as i did just the same thing to someones table a month or so ago. Im still dealing with it now its a nightmare really despite the client being so relaxed about it!
The table will normally need to be sanded down and revarnished.
Have a read through of your insurance policy for any excess charge and incase it states whether a water proof sheet may need to protect clients things as mine states.
Also, to make you feel a little better have a search on here and we're certainly not alone in damaging tables- there's been a few cases and it made me feel a little better!
I dont like working mobile and if it wasnt for being pregnant I'd rent a room. I think theres more piece of mind in knowing where your working and the conditions your working in each day. At least then the things you damage are your own too. Could you not just not offer mobile if you dislike it that much and focus on building your home business?
I would love to be able to work from home. :hug:
Hope your feeling better about it, these things happen- we're all human and make mistakes at times xxx
i think it's just a case of being

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