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Discussion in 'Waxing' started by sarahrose1994, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. sarahrose1994
    I have started out at a new waxing salon. I'm having a bit of trouble with application - when I apply the wax seems to not stick to the skin(I know it dosnt stick to the skin) but it dosnt seem to want to adhere to the skin it's like there is oil that is causing it to not work

    Also the wax takes a long time to harden also any other tips for waxing in really nervouse x
  2. Kim Lawless
    Sounds as though the wax isn't a good wax. That said, try drying the skin with tissue after cleansing and then apply some talc.
  3. Brittneykbert
    I use honey wax by satin smooth and I use muslin cloth strips to remove it ! It's fast and easy... I definitely don't think that wax is good. Buy a can of this and see how u like it. Hard waxes u have to pick and pick the honey you don't have to.

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