Is this the end for Manchester Beauty Show???


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Apr 25, 2008
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in Puri-tan Land!!! <3
Got back today from the show and oh my god another extremely disappointing show!

We had planned to book to exhibit next year and now we will be spending the money elsewhere.

Last year I put up a thread about how there was jewellery stores and children etc and from speaking to one of the exhibition organisers this year new improvements were being implemented due to a takeover from Emap back to the original owners. Yet still there was jewellery stands and I did see buggies again trying to get in - although I cant say I saw any in there.

I asked about 15 exhibitors all who said it was the worst show ever!!! There was hardly any stands with huge spaces took up with seating or empty exhibition stands! The majority of big companies again were not there. Is this due to the extortionate rates for the stands?

The footfall was far less than any previous year and I think this may be its final year.

Who else went and what your views? It would be sad to see this show end. Is the recession or the very essence of virtual communication killed off shows like this?

worst ever that i have been to over the years...loads missing really disappointed! Gutted no OPI :( feels like a wasted day out!

I enjoyed meeting the Nail Harmony team and watching the demo's, but apart from that it was a real disappointment. Hardly any top nail companies. Would have to think twice before going again.
Very disappointing, no jessica, no OPI and I have come home the second year running having to go to Salon Services tomorrow... Money to spend nothing to buy. I have been told ExCel in Feb will be good but coming from North Yorkshire that is a long way to go.
I am so glad I didnt go now!! Something came up last minute! Saved me a 8 hour round trip lol
Glad I didn't go then, but am really looking forward to Total Beauty in February, and hope it's going to be excellent.
Glad I didnt go now!

London is too far and a pain to get to for most people!
Its not easy when you have to drive and try and park or mess about on trains and underground!! Manchester is far easier, but seen as all the big brands have now left the north we are left no option but to travel!!

Or we could go international to like the LA Beaty Show hehe! ;)
Well I've just got home after visiting Manchester which was my first beauty show. I was disappointed and spent more money on petrol and accommodation than on products.

I thought that there were a lot of market stall stands selling retail not a lot of trade offers?

I enjoyed my time as I love Manchester but won't be going next year.

What was the London show like?
Its not easy when you have to drive and try and park or mess about on trains and underground!! Manchester is far easier, but seen as all the big brands have now left the north we are left no option but to travel!!

Or we could go international to like the LA Beaty Show hehe! ;)

Vegas is better!!:)
Hahaha Vegas sounds like a plan ;) What happens in vegas - stays in vegas!!!
This is what I feared as Olympia was pretty cr*ppy last month too, although there were some bigger names there at least. I was going to go tomorrow but may just hit Selfridges instead:rolleyes:
Was really dissapionted also. Got a few bits, but not a lot there to buy from really. Was worse than last year and I thought that was bad. I used to realy look forward to going too. Such a shame :sad:
Well here goes....trip report! Decided to go over just for the afternoon.

It was actually much better than Olympia, which surprised me. Much more organised with banks and banks of computers to log in to get your badge if you didn't have one, I think at Olympia there were only 3 with huge queues to get to them. Plenty of seating, at Olympia everyone was sitting on the floor and on staricases to eat etc..

On the floor, yes a few notable names were missing but there were way more stands than Olympia and it just had a better feel to it but way way lacking compared to the US shows.

You couldn't move for students of course with it being a "school" day. and that got a bit annoying at times as it got very bottle necked but once they thinned out it was better and you could get to the stands.

Nothing was particularly cheap and not a lot of bargains or samples.

Some of the talks on the main stage were not too bad but would I go to either shows again if I was in the country, probably not.
Can I put my hand up and say 'well, I enjoyed both London AND Manchester Exhibitions :)

In London I got to see all the fab colours and glitters from my fave company Nfu-Oh, on the Affiniti stand. Met several geeks and watched loads of demos from well known names including a full set of l&p done on a nailbiter by Anthony Buckley and had a sample nail done by our very own Angel Fingers. Spent way too much money on new products as there were so many bargains. I have to admit that it was only due to Affiniti being there that I made the effort to go but seeing the experts at work 'live' rather than on videos on youtube was an extra special bonus :)

In Manchester I spent the day with another geek and had a troubleshooting session with Gelish on the Nail Harmony stand which culminated with me spending another small fortune buying a decent range of colours. At buy 2 get a 3rd free plus not paying any vat the outlay was definitely worth while. Ok, I do admit to having done a bit of personal shopping too, but that's another story :lol:

I think that it is always advisable to check who is exhibiting and save your money if there is nothing you need to go for. But I also think that there is more to exhibitions than just spending money or interacting with the 'big name' companies. There were loads of interesting seminars at both shows and I don't care how many years a person has been in business, there is always something new to take away from these talks. It doesn't matter how many years a person has been doing nails - there is always a new style, technique or skill worth watching being demonstrated.

Sorry, my fingers seem to have run away with themselves :lol: I only really meant to say that I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself and would hate to see any of the shows disappear.
I ummd and ahhed and decided to go down as I havent been for afew years so it would be good to get myself clued up on the latest products.
I actually only went down there to buy my mini kit of NSI's new gel polishes ! It was nice to see Sarah there who taught me my on foundation acrylic course last year.
Once I'd spent my money there I had a wander round. Yes there were afew big names missing, but there was still a good variety of stands.
I had to laugh at the students who would quite happily stand in their underwear to get a free spray tan! There were also lots of "wobbling bums" as these new fitness plates are picking up interest.
The most bizrre thing I saw was a stand that to look at, invited you to sit down and put your legs/feet into a tank full of little fish. I asked one girl who had her feet in what the benefits were and she didnt even know! I think it was something about exfoliation! I'm about to google it now - ha ha!
I too enjoyed the show, I am new to the industry so have only been to one show previously, the Scottish Show...and the Manchester Show was much better. I got what I wanted from the show, settled my mind on some products which I couldn't decide whether to buy or not (I didn't) I also took the opportunity to watch some demos on the individual stands, as well as attending Andy's male intimate waxing demo.
All in all, a good day for me!
Sonia and I went up there yesterday afternoon (I was modelling for Andy's waxing demo again) and it did seem really quiet compared with last year's show. It was getting very empty by around 4 ish, as I'm guessing a lot of people wanted to get out before the rush hour!

But the worst thing was trying to find a disabled parking space for a hi-top minibus!
I had read in Vitality this month that as the sale of Professional Beauty to Mark Moloney only went through recently, EMAP had still been employed to organise the Manchester show.

Being a Southener I usually go to Excel but didn't bother this year as 2009 was sooooo totally c*** compared to previous years however the new Total Beauty already looks much better.

As for Manchester I would hang on until next year when EMAP are fully out of the picture and then see if there's an improvement.
I have to say I have spoke to the new company now thats running the shows and they have instilled confidence with the shows again.

Excel end of feb seems to be massive with many big players exhibiting and the fact they have sold out all stands and adding on an extention to fill in even more businesses from the industry seems like we are returning back to the beauty shows as we know it.

The shows have gone steadily down hil over the last 5 years because of EMAP so lets hope that the original owners bring back its life and soul over the next year.

Looking forward to Total Beauty now :D x

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