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Aug 4, 2007
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Hello to all our loyal CND Nail Professionals,

Pardon our pun, but we can't help ourselves! CND is delighted to announce the appointment of Sweet Squared as CND's exclusive distributor for England, Scotland and Wales! Sweet Squared, as I am sure you have guessed, is a new distribution company formed by Samuel and Samantha Sweet! "The Sams" have long been a big part of the CND Family, and we are certain their passion for quality, education and service will prove to be a welcomed breath of fresh air for the Nail Professionals in the UK! We think with S2 you will see a mix of both the familiar and the new with product distribution and education programs, and have every confidence that Sweet Squared will raise the standard for Professional Beauty Distribution in the UK!

In addition to Sweet Squared taking on distribution rights for the UK, we are also proud to announce that Creative Nail Academy Ireland will be taking on direct distribution responsibilities for Ireland! Karen O'Neil and Marina Egan are seasoned CND representatives, and we a pleased to have them continue their excellent work providing CND products and education for Ireland.

CND is tickled to have found two dedicated teams who will be working together to service the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland and will help us take CND to new heights in their respective markets. We have no doubt you'll hear much, much more from both teams in the near future!

Please help us welcome and congratulate both of them on their new adventures!

Thank you, again, for your patience and loyalty throughout this process. It has not been easy, I know. We have been touched and honoured by your willingness to help each other out, swapping products and lending a helping hand to your neighbouring salons. To those locations who were able to get some level of products, THANK YOU for your hard work. We know you put a great deal of blood, sweat and tears into helping get your fellow salons through this!

Now it's time to look to the future and get back to what you do best, making the hands and feet of the UK beautiful and healthy! We are proud to be your partners in this, and know that Sweet Squared and Creative Nail Academy Ireland will be by your side, step by step!



The entire CND Family, Vista, Ca
FINALLY!!!! The cat is out of the bag! Samantha, Gigi, Jim and Moi' are over the moon at the announcement!

CND now has a team committed and focused specifically on CND and YOU! We see this as pretty exciting stuff as the team behind Sweet Squared embrace a philosophy that blasts beyond the simple distribution process of ‘buy it in’ and ‘get it out’. The team here at Sweet Squared see ‘distribution’ as a tool to connect CND with YOU, the nail professional.

So who is Sweet Squared?

Sweet Squared is a team that have devoted their professional careers in promoting and progressing the professional nail industry.
Sam and Sam Sweet are leaders in the industry, championing everything from award winning education and professional development to cutting edge shows in London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. Thrown into the mix is a bit of the legendary Gigi Rouse, who practically started the industry in the UK. Add a dash of Jim Nordstrom whose father Dr Stuart Nordstrom founded CND in their garage and you have a power cocktail that is an adrenalin shot to an industry that is in sore need of it.

With all this hullabaloo, how can we sum up what S2 are all about?

Easy. I suppose you could say that we are utterly smitten with the professional nail industry and the people in it. That we exist for the one and only purpose that is the support and development both professionally and personally, of our customers (heck, even those that aren’t!).

We are all about Honesty, Commitment and Passion with an unquenchable desire to Inspire!

How does this change the Geek site? will be as it has been since its initial inception: A place for professionals to network regardless of their chosen brand. In a nutshell, just because we are now the UK distributors for CND doesn't mean that a thing will change around here!

When can I get my mitts on some (fill in the blank) CND product?

VERY SOON. In fact, more CND stock than the UK has seen in a year has already landed in the UK. Currently, we are in the middle of getting our infrastructure set up and fully tested. Our aim is for the first week of October to be fully operational, however if it can be done sooner, you can bet your bottom dollar (er, pound?) that it will be!

Is anything going to change?

You bet. All for the better. You have our word on it.

We look forward to working together with you and helping your dreams come true. Although it does sound kind of square… you have to admit… its kind of Sweet too (Squared)!!

Truly Yours,

Samuel, Samantha, Gigi and Jim.
Your Creative Partners.
Congratulations, have on on me!
Woohoo thats fab news :green: :green::green:
Congratulations amazing news for you, us and the industry :!:

It couldn't happen to nicer people :hug: xxxx

As CND say's Sweeeeet

Well done Sweet Squared !!


this is fantastic totally SWEET news congrats to you all !

I'm so excited..............and I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control...........and I think I like it !!!!!

This is fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):)
Congratulations to you all. You must be very relieved and excited, best of luck.xx
Congratulations and all the very best in this new and exciting venture.....we always knew it would be you x
Fabulous news, Congratulations to all involved in and with Sweet Squared.
Cant wait to get my hands on some new CND merchandise!!

Best news I have had this year so proud of you guys, you must have worked your socks off to make this happen.

Love you all
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wow!!! great stuff:hug:
The future is looking bright, let me put my shades on:lol:
Congratulations Sweet Squared!

Just a few questions:-
I take it part of your infrastructure will be via a web site - will we be able to purchase and process orders on line?
Will you be supplying to the OSNS or will they we getting there stuff direct from CND?
Will the training be done via indpendent trainers or will you be overseeing the CND training?
Will you be at Gmex in October?

I know I am probably jumping in way too early with lots of questions, but i am sure these questions will be on the mind of many other geeks too.

Bet you are glad to get this one out in the open hey! :)

This is fantastic news.

Just a few questions-

I loved popping in OSNS Leeds (Hyperion Group Head Office).

Is there somewhere I'm going to be able to go to or is everything going to be mail order/internet ordering??

How soon can we order? as I need some bits for the competitions in October at G-Mex.
Excellent news and congratulations to all involved glad it is the happy family we know and love x
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the Sams, you both truly deserve this, here's to the future :hug: :hug: xx

Well thank goodness (& other words to crude to mention, lol) for that!

Congrats S2 & fabulous Co!

Dont' go away again, lol x
This is exactly what I have been waiting impatiently hoping to hear! I'm so pleased - there aren't 2 people in the entire world deserve this more than the Sweets. And with Queen Gigi et al, well it will be a world beating team in my eyes.

Congratulations to all...from one already loyal Sweet Squared customer and tech x
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