Man from the local NSS came into my shop today...


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Apr 24, 2007
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As you can guess from my display name I work in Sallys, there is a NSS in the market about 30 seconds walk from the shop i'm in. The owner of the salon came in today for some stuff and I just HAD to tell you what absolute BS he came out with!

Firstly he asked if we had any acrylic liquid, I asked him what system he was using as any qualified tech would know, mixing brands is not reccomended. He said at the salon they use OPI...:rolleyes: we don't stock any OPI enhancement stuff in our store...but he continued to look anyway...

Then he asked if we did any liquid in larger bottles. Now alarm bells started ringing, i mean, they must get theres in like zillion litre bottles! i said no, only what we have and continued to say you should get in touch with your 'OPI rep' for more liquid as its not recommended to mix your products!

At this point he just couldn't take the hint, then he told me that he was from 'X Salon' and they were now starting a NEW MOBILE SERVICE (oh gwad....) and could they put some posters and flyers in our store...:eek: I felt like saying HELL NO! but replied politely its not our store policy to advertise individuals businesses!

I'm sorry i'm really going on now, i was just so angry knowing how much we are trying to fight MMA users and i had to be super nice to his face...i guess i've had to let it out on here!

He asked if he could have a sally card, but he's not qualified (surprise surprise!) no sally card for him..and no insurance obviously either..

THEN He asked 'You do nails?' I said, 'well, only from time to time, I'm still in training, i've been training and practising for about a year'...he said completely surprised...'A year?!' like a year was a disgraceful amount of time to be practising! argh, by this time i'd given up...

I treated him like a complete normal customer, even though in the back of my mind i wanted to SCREAM!! how the hell can you do this with no insurance let alone QUALIFICATIONS!! ARGH! anyway, just thought you'd like to hear the fun and games I had with my friendly NSS:irked:!

I'd tell my boyf, but he just wouldn't understand!! thanx geeks! xx
so nss are going to offer a mobile service......heaven help us!! xx
so nss are going to offer a mobile service......heaven help us!! xx

my thoughts exactly, who would want that stench in their home!
Don't worry they probably won't be able to understand the road signs!
Surely you can report him to trading standards or habia, you know for a fact he is not qualified or you would have issued him with a Sally's card,
go on pick up that phone and save someones nails :lol:

Does he do the nails in the salon then? Or just own the place? Do you have any evidence that he uses MMA?? If you do then your local H+S officer may be interested.

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