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Pampering Geek
Jun 2, 2003
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Hi all

Have just come back from my godmother's funeral and feeling a bit raw from all the emotional stuff. Just feeling the need to share some memories of a great lady with all the people I feel have become the friends I "see" on a daily basis.

My aunt was a very couragious lady who battled with Parkinsons disease for the last 20 years. She never complained and continued to live life to the best of her ability even when the disease took such a hold that she lost the ability to walk and then even talk. She spent the last 12 months in a hospital for the terminally ill after my uncle lost his sight through the stress of being her carer. She had such an impact on the staff that they all turned up to the funeral today! Ours is a large local family, my aunt had 5 daughters and 51 grandchildren and great grandchildren (inc one great-great grandchild!) so today was a very big family affair. The majority of us still all live locally and keep in touch so in a way we are our own support mechanism. My mum visited my aunt every week throughout her illness and this continued during her hospital stay, and would come back with wonderful stories of what she had been up to and how much she made the nurses laugh. My aunt even allow the local teaching hospital to try a pioneering operation which entailed drilling directly into her brain whilst she was awake and sitting up (as the severe shaking stopped when she was asleep) in an effort to find a cure for Parkinsons. Although it didnt help her it will hopefully have given them information towards a cure for the future.

Just my small tribute to a great lady and the godmother I adored.

hi hun i have sent you a pm , love dee xx
keep smiling...she'd want you to.
Hi hun,

I am really sorry for your loss, she sounds like a truly wonderful Lady and so caring to go through with such an operation for others.

The Earth's loss, but Heavens gained a new Angel who will be watching over you in everything you do. And at least there she will be free from the suffering.

Take lots and lots of care and know that we are all thinking of you and we are all here when you need us.

Loads of Love to you and your family,

Victoria x
Sorry to hear of your loss shaza.
Although loved ones will leave us, The wonderful memories they leave, will stay with us forever.
Here is to the memory of one greatly loved and respected Lady................
She might not be here anymore in body , but her personality and her essence of life will live on in your hearts xxxx
hi shaz im so sorry to hear your sad news babe, thinking of you xxx
Hi Shaz,

My thoughts are with you. She obviously was a wonderful lady and her spirit lives on xxx
Hi all

Thanks for all the kind words (and the pm's). In may have lost a godmother but her wonderful memory lives on and I have gained a guardian angel!

Luv Shaza
So sorry to hear your news. Its good at this time to remember all the good stuff you did with her and everything she did for you, she will always live on in your memory.

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