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Sep 17, 2010
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Ok one of my lovely clients asked me if it was ok to pass on my number of course i said yes!
A lady phones me two days ago saying she needs bleach roots so i go out buy a nice ashy toner went to her house which was in not a very nice part of the city and the whole time she was talking about how some hairdressers do things wrong on purpose to just be annoying :irked: Why anyone would do this i don't know...

So i wash off the bleach and try to apply the toner and she claims she has never had one before i would put money on it that she definatley gets her hair toned, so i talked her round and she spent the whole time scratching it off and claiming it was stinging!

Because it was 'stinging' i said we should take it off when it was all rinsed off, was a gorgeous colour beside about a 2 inch square section through the parting, I gave her options including me returning another day and she got all funny and said she'll go to a salon and get it 'fixed!' She then refused to pay me any money and as i was leaving she asks 'did i do it on purpose?!?!!'
OY if she refuses to pay, call the police. That's how I feel about situations like that.
Sounds like a real prize, that one.
u cant call the police as it is a civil dispute, they wont do anything! take it on the chin and put it down to experience... all u can do!!!!:irked::hug:
u cant call the police as it is a civil dispute, they wont do anything! take it on the chin and put it down to experience... all u can do!!!!:irked::hug:

how is it civil if it's robbing a business? They'd get arrested if they stole items from a store if they didn't pay for them.?
i know, but i had it happen to me a few years ago, called the police and they were no help what so ever! they told me to send an invoice of late payment and if still no money to send a soliciters letter and then small claims court date. this would of cost a small fortune! also went to CAB they said exactly the same....civil dispute!:irked:
how is it civil if it's robbing a business? They'd get arrested if they stole items from a store if they didn't pay for them.?
We've just won a small claims court case, 18 months after the incident occurred! We were awarded everything we asked for and the judge actually said he would consider awarding us loss of earnings and travel expenses too!

So small claims court applications are time consuming but worth it in the end
I'm sure you're over it now, but please just put that incident down as 'experience'. I tend to get a 'vibe' about difficult clients especially if i have a good consult before starting. Sounds to me that however the hair turned out you wern't going to be paid. I run my business with this in mind: Remember, you are the hairdresser, the expert, you are in control - and any strange atmosphere or peculiar remarks beforehand?... you can leave/decide not to continue. Simple as that!
I'm sure someone else in a recent thread has suggested taking 50% payment up front. If I were mobile I would definately request a payment up front for colours. At the end of the day if they don't like it they don't pay the full amount but you've still got to cover the cost of resources and time. Maybe even get them to sign something? :\ I dunno... But at least that would save you the time of the pain in the bum people!
I don't do colouring but in hair extensions I always take a deposit and we sign a contract before beginning. The contract explains that they are buying a service not a product and so cannot ask for a refund after they have paid. They cannot return your time after all. If they weren't happy on the day and didn't pay the balance at that time then it is just a case of moving on I think and calling it school fees.
Of course you have to offer something if a client is unhappy but you obviously did that and it was refused.
The contract sets out some ground rules I feel and it lessens the chance of issues arising. It shows your client you know your rights, you are the professional and you are in charge of the proceedings. Gets the boot on the right foot.
I agree also with the lady speaking of getting the wrong vibes about some people. You are entitled to pleasant, respectful clients and should turn down any that don't qualify. I know sometimes you don't know beforehand but occasionally you do get a feeling.
Anyway hun, you know you have done the right thing and she certainly does not know that. So out of the two of you it is she that will suffer the most. A great shame she doesn't know better how to give herself what she wants in life. A great shame.
It won't match all the same criteria but if you want a copy of my contract PM me with your email address and I'll send it.

I think some clients will complain about anything, especially if they can get away with not paying.

And as LindaHR has stated in her previous post about the buying of a service etc, I have recently changed all my consultation forms and put similar wording into my forms.

Perhaps taking a deposit would work better.

Hope you mange to sort things out
The problem that strikes me is that while you lost a bit of money, if she is doing this to everyone, then she could be getting £100's of hair services free which is daylight robbery.

If you can't go to the Police, I say you should at least tell them because if she does it again and her name is mentioned, the police might realise that she is a serial criminal. She is taking you out of business and I don't think you should take this lying down.

Best of luck


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