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Aug 1, 2004
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milton keynes
i need a new name for my new business...i know im not setting up business until ive finished my course and practice at least 50 sets :) but its something to look forward to designing? so i need some suggestions...something classy, which will draw eyes and have the WOW factor!

anything anything...cos ive drawn a blank!

I should search under new names or business names because this question has been asked so many times recently and I should think we are all a bit burnt out trying to think of new names.

You will find plenty of suggestions I'm sure.

My personal opinin is to stay away from anything with 'talons' in it.

Sorry all of you who use it, but 'talons' is a real turn off for me pesonally.T
The very LAST thing I want when I get my nails done are talons, and this word sends me all the wrong signals. I want beautiful, gorgeous, 'can't tell the difference' natural-looking nails.

Words like,

Polished, Gloss, Nail Sculpture, spa, virtuoso, artisan, these words conjur up the type of service I want from a technician.

Panache nails
Touch of class
utterley polished
tip top nails

now i've drawn a blank i forgot how hard it is to think of names!



top ten
make your marc
nail saint
nail saviour
nail slave
long and lovely
nails for all
polished and proud
finest fingernails
embelished touch
touch of luxury

fraid i'm not sure if any are original, but it might set you off in a new direction
Wow angel fingers i shoulda came to you when i was looking for a name youv'e come up wiv some crackers.

I think "make your marc" sounds great!
Why not what most designers do, use your name..............
something on the lines of:
Marc P
Nail Enhancements and Nailcare
Immaculate Nails
Marcs Manicures & Beauty
Nails To Die For

Just a few for you, but if you put a search in for Names, you will find lots more.
"marcs out of ten"
"marcs of distinction"

all i can think of
joannerowsell said:
"marcs out of ten"
"marcs of distinction"

all i can think of

Marcs out of Ten!
That.s a fantastic name Joanne, good thinking!
wow thanks guys you've given me lots of ideas..i will put all of those into thought and will let you know what i have the moment im swaying toward...marcs out of ten, and marcs distinction....dunno yet...but thanks for all suggestions had helped me alot xxx

You might want to check out as they list all limited companies in england and will give you an idea as to whether the name you decide on is already being used or not.

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