New White Liquid Acrylic from Fabric#!!!!! Must try it!


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Jan 12, 2003
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Well the product you have all been asking and waiting for is finally here!!

The name? 'More Than White'

What is it? It is a brush on white liquid acrylic that is applied like nail enamel. Covers in one coat and dries in 2 minutes with no UV light required.

How to use it?
Use it to create permanent french manicure under resin when doing wraps, or under UV Gel!! Yes I said under UV Gels. No more need to use French tips. Much whiter than any white gel.

The product is colour stable - very white .. and very easy ... we all know how to paint a french manicure right?

You apply it to the tip before applying your resin or gel and it is well buried and does not buff off when finishing.

It flew off the shelves at the G-Mex show, but for those of you who didn't get there it is available from Designer Nails 0113 275 5719 Don't ask me the price, I don't know it, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than french tips.!! It will be available from One Stop Nail Shops, but is so new I don't think they have it quite yet.

Ask Ruth what she thinks of it and Faye??? It's ace.

i have used this and as geeg says it's fantastic :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

did my sister a full set of fabric# and used the white under the silk it was brilliant it is so easy to use and is very white. She was very pleased with the results and has since had a rebalance done and there was no colour change in the white :D :D

Will be trying it with gel next ;)
Well guys and gals,
Got some of the fab white at Gmex, it rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The price was about £7.??
And I thought I was sooooooooo clever putting it under some gels I did today, only to come home and read the post lol...........

Well at least I know for sure now, that it can be used with gel, it is brill.....
The nicest white, drys in a jiffy , looks absolutly fab........... I tidy up the smile line, to make it nice and crisp with a gel brush dipped in nail fresh......(this is a brush, I only use with nailfresh), then apply 2 coats of gel and thats all.....................

I also used it today with the Fabric# system, ideal for the forever french look........just make sure you bury it right under the product, like Geeg said, it gives it that fab look and doesn't buff off............

I have also found that after playing with different files and buffers, whilst using the Fabric# system at the competiton training sessions, that the Yankee board is the best board ever, the red sides tidy's up the edges nicely, and the white side and a drop of solar oil, finishes the nail so smooth, that all you need after that is the girlfriend and some scrubfresh to make those babies shine like glass...Oh yea and some elbow grease lol......just dont ask me what grid they are, as I just cant remember but something like 180/1200 springs to mind, but I could be wrong!!!!!

lots of love Ruth xxxxxx
Hi Guys
This new white liquid, Could i use this over a clear tip, or should i stick with the french tips? Is this just for fabrics????
I have not heard about this liquid until i read this tonight. :?
Sounds like a godsend to me! I have never ending problems with the white tips! I shall be enquiring about this wonder! Jx
for some reason i might have asked a silly question!!!!!!!!!!! :oops:
Sounds good!

Geeg, will it be shown at your demo on 20th?
Well I have had a thought, as clear tips where mentioned.............
Why not try some funky forever french nail art with this new white ?????
This is what I did..................

Apply crystal clear tip......cut out the well area and but onto the free edge , so no blending needed...........apply bond..............then this is the tricky bit, apply fibreglass or Silk from the cuticle area to just over the bit where the tip adheres to.(smile line)......................this way you leave the tip nice and clear and see through, the mesh wont cloud it......................... apply your bond again, all over the mesh and the rest of the tip...........then get painting with your new Fabric white.................I did little daisy's alonge the smile line to hide the natural nail underneath..............a few more little dots and swirls and when it's dry, cover with 2x build tidy the edges and 2x boost.........this looks so pretty, buff to a nice shine and there you have .......Fabric Nail art ...........

Enjoy the messing about
love Ruth xxxx
Yes I will be showing you how to use 'More Than White' at the demo on Monday next.

Yes you can use it over clear tips and they look so thin.

Yes you can do permanent nail art with it and make beautiful wedding nails etc.

Yes you an use it under a gel.

In fact you can use it for so many things that it is the reason we called it 'More than White'.

Glad you all like it!!!
Hey I cant wait to see what can be done with this product, Ruth have you got time to take some pics of your art, sounds fab :)
Could you tell me where you are having your demo please, or anyone that knows please let me know. If it is not too far away I might be able to get there.
Thanks easypeasy
The evening starts around 6 pm at the One Stop Nail Shop in Leeds at head office. Hope to see you there. There will be some nice drinks and eats etc. too.

Anyone who uses any fibreglass system ... you owe it to yourself to come and have a gander at fabric#. It is truly amazing and so strong and easy to do it leaves all the others in the shade.

Hope to meet you there.
Hi Geeg
Where is the one stop nail shop exactly? You can pm me with the address please if you will.
I would love to be there.
easypeasy :)
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