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Have read a thread recently where its advised to oil an area before waxing it. Like so many other people I thought the wax wouldn't stick because of the oil. What type of oil is best and how much do you put on an area. Is this for everything, u/arm, legs, bikini etc.
Some brands sell their own pre-depilatory oil, such as myself, Peron Rigot and Clean and Easy. However, you can use pretty much any oil, although I would say you want it to be fairly lightweight. You also want to use it sparingly and if you use it under warm wax, then you want to be exceptionally sparing.

So... yes you can use it on any body part.
I was always taught at college to use talc, but after having read all the comments on here about using oil I gave it a go when waxing my legs, and it was much better.

I used skintruth grapeseed oil, what does everyone else recommend?
At the moment I am using the Perron Rigot Pearlescent oil - its very nice, really moisturising. I would usually recommend that, Jasmin Oil by either PR or Berins.

Or if you want to try out the difference it makes just use any light oil. If it is too thick / heavy the wax will slip off the skin. You only want the smallest amount - a few drops on the gloves rubbed over the area is usually enough.


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