OMG I've seen it all now!!


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Jo Jo

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Oct 6, 2003
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Jo Jo said:
:eek: I was browsing through ebay, like you do when you are bored and I simply cannot believe this, it is a professional nail DRILL!!!! on sale to the general public, and not just one of them either! I've seen it all now I really have!!

I'm just gobsmacked!

Whoaaaaa....not that IS scarey :eek: - I would never trust myself with one of those without training - during the very early stages of my training, even an abrasive was a dangerous weapon in my hands...
NO! They cant be serious - talk about accidents waiting to happen!
It'll be like Emininem in the Nail world. That's really irresponsible but not surprising, unfortunately
I cannot beleive the thing they can sell on there, they even have L&P and a few Creative bits..
This is not good..
Its nice to see that so many of you are shocked by you all are professionals! :biggrin:
I have seen this seller quite alot lately, she also sells airbrushes too, aswell as l&p kits . I sent her an email the other day through ebay as I noticed she was selling the NSI balance gel dvd, starting it off at£6.99. I told her she was a rip off as I knew these were free when asked for from NSI. Money Hungry thats all that sums her up.
I've just noticed spelled Eminem very badly!! Ha ha ha
Bunny said:
I've just noticed spelled Eminem very badly!! Ha ha ha
Lol you have Lol
I'm gobsmacked! it's just irresponsible, how long before some teenager does themselves some damage!?! J xx
Please consider when bidding this is NOT a low voltage drill it is high powered to achieve the best results.. If you have tried small low voltage drills in the past and not been impressed, thing again.. This is a professional model NOT one that you would buy off the high street normally only available to trade.

The above was how the drill was advertised.......Professional model, Normally only available to trade ( This should ring alarm bells)
Bloody irresponsible in my opinion :evil:
Makes my eyes water at the mere mention of the word 'drill' - dentist!!!!!!

Nope, I'll stick to my files for blending!

Still sux though dunnit? Ebay should monitor what people are selling - for professional use only should mean just that!

Speaking of which - has anybody seen the advert for Tresseme Shampoo & Conditioner with Ricardo from the Salon? Tresseme was available for the professional only, up until now. Now they've went Joe Public....... but the advert is hilarious!

Maybe we should track this seller down and do the same to him/her?

Just a thought.

Forgive me..... I'm tired and hungry.

i purchased mine, which is higher powered than the model on e bay from n.s.i without having to prove i was a nail tech.
seen the ricardo advert....hil 'hairy' ous!! pardon the pun!!

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