Our boys 8 weeks old now


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Took these pics today............. and they are both awake !!!
Bless !!!!


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they are just the sweetest huni give them a hug and kiss from me xxxxxx
OOOhhh! Aint they cute! :) :) :)
They look soooo cute. And them eyes are absolutely curious. Give them and their mummy a big hug and kiss from the 4 of us. And a big hug to you and your hubby as well. Are you all feeling well? I hope so. XXX Steph *smack*
What little cuties, Its so nice seeing them grow with your pics of them.
Hope Faye is well and coping with the stress of kids Lol
I can't believe that they are 8 weeks old already!

They look adorable.
The boys are absolutely adorable Ruth! I am all broody now!
ooh they are gorgeous, they are gonna be right babe magnets when they are older !! , bless em
Awwww Ruth they are soooooo cute!!!!!! :biggrin:
Oh I`m soooooooooo jealous. They are just adorable, and so much like mummy too. I do hope she`s coping with mummy life. What am I saying, with Ruth as nanny how can she not. mwah mwah
The babies are just adorable! Best wishes to all the family. :biggrin:

Hi Ruth,

Oh my, they are so so scrummy!! I love babies at that age they are just soooo lovely! I bet you are really enjoying them!

Michelle. xx
could`nt you just eat em !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are beautiful babies !!
What lovely little faces Ruth - you must be very proud of Faye, Steph and the little men!! xxx
hi guys, sorry i havnt been online for a while but had so much to be getting on with and having two babies is a handful, i am enjoying it though poor little sods had there injections on thursday so they aint been to well. will keep you posted with piccys as they grow....................

all our love faye , samuel and joshua xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Good to read you again. I bet you enjoy every second of the day. Give them and Steve a big hug from me will you? xxx Steph
They are sooooooooo adorable,

Lots of love Paula x

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