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Aug 12, 2003
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Using the creative system can anyone advise as to how I treat a friend of mine who's nails are persistantly peeling all along the free edge. Unfortunatley its not just at the sides but the top layer seems to peel right across the free edge!!!

As I'm new to this I know roughly the way to go but hesitant due to lack of confidence! Am I to treat this with toughen up or should I be adding moisture. Does toughen up contain hardening elements which would be no good for brittle nails.

I seem to have a mental block on whether peeling nails is due to brittleness or sofness!! It seems there is an overlap with some nails! So can someone advise pleeeeeease!

xx Tamm
Peeling is caused by lack of moisture in the nailplate...............if I remember correctly, moisture is needed in order for the nail not to flake or peel..............

So I would do a nice hot oil manicure, solar rich one.............
Use the Creative Toughen Up base coat............this will build a mesh like structure , inter weave with the keratin and build a nice strong flexible nail......................
It will also help if she drinks plenty of water, she could be dehydrated herself.....
So my advice is, solar oil, Solar rich manicure, Toughen Up, and plently of water, not just in her tea lol.....
Get her, to buy the same as you use for her manicures and she can get the maximum benefits this way........
A plump moist nail plate is a happy nail plate..................

hope this helps
love Ruth xxxxxx
Hi Ruth :) Thanks for the input. I did wonder about a hot oil treatment. Can you explain the procedure for that using the solar oil, followed by the solar manicure? Would the Spa manicure be enough of a treatment using heated mitts? I didn't think you could get the oil in larger bottles than enamel size ones. I was thinking of getting Almond Oil for this sort of treatment but if Creative do their Solar Oil in larger bottles for pouring then that would be cool!

The Tougen Up. If nails are brittle won't this make the situation worse as hardeners are not suitable for nails that need moisture otherwise it makes them more brittle? :oops: sorry if it sounds a bit stupid! I don't fully understand what Toughen Up is so maybe you could tell me! Is it a hardener/strengthener or does it impart lotttttts of moisture?

I'm really enjoying this forum its great to have a place where I can ask all my silly questions without the embarrassment of being face to face to people when I ask them!!! When you are new to this game there are soooooo many things that you want to know and you want to know them NOW! LOL :flower:

I'm really excited about getting the creative range and if you can answer my questions I will be well on the way to having the confidence I need to use these products successfully and be good at what I do!!

Ta ta for now. xxxxx Tamm
Not all hardeners are the same!! ToughenUp is perfectly suitable for your client as you describe the condition. But first lets get our definition right.
Brittle nails do not flake, they snap and chip, because they are hard and have little moisture.
Soft and Flakey nails
flake because they are soft and the free edge is always bending and the layers tend to split apart.

Toughen up does not contain formaldehyde so it is suitable for all nail condiditons. Just don't overuse the product on overly brittle nails - which means hard and brittle (not soft and flakey)

Toughen Up – Natural nail strengthener & base coat

1. A stickey base coat
2. 2% DMU

1. Improves enamel wearability.
2. Strengthens & toughens the natural nail

Sales Key:

1. Strengthens and toughens the natural nail and also provides a stickey base anchoring the enamel to the natural nails
2. Do Not use on overly brittle nails
3. DMU- a patented strengthening agent that cross-links the natural nail keratin, to make nail tougher.
4. A sticky base coat improves enamel wearability, in a formula that won’t make nails overly brittle.
Sorry to be a pain but you say that brittle nails do not flake. This makes me verrrrry confused about my own nail type!!! my nails are quite thin and have had it said that they are quite soft. There is a fair amount of flexibility in the nails, and I feel that they aren't particulary soft, just thin but they flake terrible at the sides but they also snap and shatter. This occurs with all my nails so as you can imagine I'm confused on how to treat them!! Are they brittle or are they soft?

I would treat them as soft and see how you go. They sound 'soft' to me.

Breaking is not the same as snapping and shattering. Bendy and flakey at the sides sounds soft to me.
mmmm, will try the toughen up and see how I go. I had tried the formula 2 (for soft nails) from Nailtiques but it actually made my nails break more, thats why I thought my nails were brittle.

Still haven't go my head round it :oops: Feel a bit stupid really. You'd think I would understand it by now but as I've mentioned to someone else, they don't really go into too much detail at college.

Thanks for the help even though I'm still confused!!

Most nail strengtheners contain formaldehyde and formaldehyde makes nails brittle with continued use. Such as your own personal experience.

ToughenUp does not contain formaldehyde -

DMU IS A COMPLETELY NEW AND PATENTED INGREDIENT - the only nails that will be made more brittle by the overuse of DMU are overly brittle nails in the first place!! And one wouldn't use a strenghtener on brittle nails.

I really don't know how to put it any clearer than this. I hope you are no longer confused. We are talking about 2 completely different things (ToughenUp and other strengtheners).
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