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May 7, 2007
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Hi guys.

Where am i able to purchase Perron Rigot wax from? Ive tried several times to e-mail one company but to no avail.

Ive seen it has a good reputation. What makes it different? Im eager to know more. x

Perron Rigot is available from Thalgo - sorry, can't find the phone number atm. The best people to ask for info on it are Brow Queen and Axiom, they LOVE it and are both trainers in it.

Axiom runs occasional Geeky Waxing Workshops and it's well worth going on one if you can, as you get to have a play with all the different types of PR wax. Very informative and loads of fun.
Ive read several threads about different training dates, but they have been too far away for me to go too .. boo hoo *cough* nearer the midlands *cough* :lol:

will send andy a message. x
Ive read several threads about different training dates, but they have been too far away for me to go too .. boo hoo *cough* nearer the midlands *cough* :lol:

will send andy a message. x

If you have your own salon , or know someone who does, Andy may be able to organise a workshop there. That's what happened with the last one in Yorkshire. Just a thought...
I think you can order the waxes from andy direct, we could on the yorkshire waxing day hth
I'm also a trainer for Perron Rigot so ask as many questions as you like. What would you like to know?

Also, Andy and I will be at Excel so you can all come and see us and try out the waxes. Head Office number is 0207 512 0872
Hi Nicki,

Perron Rigot is distributed in the UK by Thalgo - you can contact them on 020 7512 0872 (best person to ask for is Katie).

I don't work directly for Thalgo, but I do use Perron Rigot in my salon and on all my training courses and am a licensed independent educator for them (as is Kim, aka The Brow Queen). Both myself and Kim are happy to answer any questions you might have about the brand, but bear in mind that it would be our own opinions (that's the benefit of being independent, lol).

The next Geeky Waxing Workshop is scheduled for Scotland in mid March and I then have a possible workshop planned for Wales, but I've always said I'm happy to go where needed if there are enough Geeks to make it worth while. These workshops aren't linked with Thalgo, however, so I have to fit them around my availability.

Thalgo are usually happy to send a rep to your salon, or you could give them a buzz and ask if they have a London taster day planned.

Failing that, both Kim and I have been asked to help on the Perron Rigot stand at Pro Beauty in March and we'll be running practical demonstrations throughout the three days. You'd be very welcome to come and have a chat and a play with the waxes (as indeed would anyone else!). I'm also running a men's waxing seminar on the Sunday afternoon, and will be using a couple of Perron Rigot waxes at that - a chance to see how they perform in real life!

Hope that helps, but feel free to ask any other questions and we'll do our best to assist :)

Andy x
P.S. Also worth knowing: Kim is going to be offering mentoring sessions at her studio during 2008, so if you can't make it to a Geeky Waxing Workshop I'd highly recommend a day with her - close up and hands on with the stuff! :D

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