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Mar 8, 2005
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Hi guys,

Hope everyone is well!

Just a quick one....I know you don't see me on here as often anymore, what with having Emily and getting married, it's been a hectic year. and mum (who is 56 can I add) have signed up to do:

The Stroke Association's 140ft Santa Slide Abseil down The Manchester Velodrome on the 15th December at 11am.

We are looking for as many sponsors as possible as it is a charity close to our hearts after Grandma suffered so much from strokes before she died.

Our web page is Justgiving - SUE & VICKI's Fundraising Page

Any donations large or small will help this charity tons.

Thanks xxxxx
Ill blinking sponser you and ya mum vicki as its such a worth charity and any on any age can have a stoke and it affects so many peoples lifes in so many different ways ,,,your both very brave especially you vicki telling every one your mums age ,,,,she will kill ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
good luck with it x its a very worthy cause i lost my grandad after he suffered several strokes 15 yrs ago xxxx
thank you hunny!

every penny counts so if anyone can help we'll be grateful! xxxx
Vicki i have now sponsored you hunnie and wish you and your mum the best of look.

Its a brave thing you are both doing for a worthy cause but i must say up to now 66 geeks have looked at your thread and ony 2 of us have sponsored you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on geeks the girl is throwing her self of a massive building to raise some money for
The Stroke Association.

Dig deep every penny will be greatly received


thanks lisa and thank you so much to Lindsay (Zingara) too!

My pleasure hun....its a wonderful thing you're doing xxx
i don't think my mum sees it that way! lol

although it was her idea!
All done Vicki and Mum, good luck x
thank you so much!

this morning we had one pledge from Chris (my hubby)

now we have raised £242.50 and still going on.

you are all fantastic and it is soooooo appreciated! xxx
Fab idea! You're braver than me though, I can't even climb a ladder! :)

Good luck on the day, you'll have to let us know how it goes.
WOW vicki target must of been to small well done hunnie

reach for the stars

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