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Fingertips ND

Brand New Mummy Geek
Mar 8, 2005
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Just wanted to say thank you to all geeks who sponsored me and mum for our santa abseil tomorrow!

We have raised in total £1004.62 (Inc. gift aid)

I will post some pics for you all next week.

Thanks again guys - your all fab xxx

Justgiving - SUE & VICKI's Fundraising Page
Brilliant! You should be very proud of yourselves. And good luck for tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing the photos.
Photo Order: Mark Cook

we raised £1054.54 in total.
if you return to thumbnails under the picture there are another 4/5 images of me and mum.
Yay, well done you....and mum! Was wondering how you got on! You should be very proud!:hug:
thanks Lyndsay we are both really pleased!

we did the abseil with another lady who we met on the day. she was lovely and was doing it for her mum who had had a stroke very recently. she was scared of heights too but did really well and she came on her own with no support.
you are both super troopers xxxxxxxxxxxx
Well done on raising so much money, you all look like you had a great time

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