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Apr 9, 2004
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The question is:

When you buy your products do you:

A: Pay up front by credit card

B: Pay up front by cash/cheque

C: Have a credit account with your supplier

D: Only buy at shows.
I almost always buy with my credit card.
sawasdee ka

Because i import products i pay into the company bank my bank send it for me .

Thank you mui from Thailand
I buy at shows and with cash up front
I almost always buy with my credit card.....mainly mail order but the local Capital warehouse has been a godsend on the occasions I forget sumthin!
Debit card there and then :D
I'm a nightmare for remembering to post the cheques for my credit cards so I don't use them :o
Debit card for me too - and I save up a wad of cash to take to the shows each year!


I mostly pay by credit card too

I mostly shop at Salisbury Creative One Shop, and Exhibitions


PLAYDAY1 said:
The question is:

When you buy your products do you:

A: Pay up front by credit card

B: Pay up front by cash/cheque

C: Have a credit account with your supplier

D: Only buy at shows.
Hi, i mainly pay by debit card,but i do like paying by cash at the shows.
Usually by debit card or by credit card if the ban k coffers are a bit low!!!
Is there a point to this question?
geeg said:
Is there a point to this question?
pmsl..............hilarious! hmm .....do we kno this guy? seems like we kno him from somewhere........but i wouldnt kno since im a biased member of this site .
I think a poll would have been better here................
That way we stay anonnimous..................
I don't give info outlike that willy nilly lol............
geeg said:
Is there a point to this question?
Was wondering that myself.....

He carnt post poll not a premium, not premium anything is he??
Well googie I was working out how many companies give credit accounts out to nail techs.

Because if a company works on pro-forma and high prices then their cashflow and profit margin would be exceptionally good.

I was wondering if nail tech.s realised or even wanted the benefits of a 30 day or 60 day credit account and whether any of the distributors offered credit accounts to nail techs.

You see it is the norm. with the big beauty companies and hair companies to offer credit accounts of 30 60 and 90 days. It can really help a salon get off the ground.
Yea and get into debt before you even start............
I like to pay for my stock there and then and then I know it is out of the way.........Out of Debt out of danger as my Mum used to say.......
leaves me to get on with the bigger picture............My Job............and it makes my accounting so much easier...........I buy, I pay, I own.............
The facility might benefit larger Salons with more then 2 nail Stations............and yes it is available...... Mad Beauty (TOMA UK) for one offer this and so do a few others..........
But personaly me myself and I, as a Soletrader like to get my bills out of the way.......

Your 30 days are up
We do offer accounts both 30 days and more DEPENDING on the type of account the customer is requesting; we also require various pieces of inforamtion from our customers before being able to process / allow an account like this to go ahead!!
By "we" I presume you mean Designer Nails.

How do you decide who gets credit or not?
In my opinion Credit Cards are there for a purpose .... to give credit of 30 days. Why does anyone need to open an account with a company if they have a CREDIT card?

If one doesn't have a credit card then there must be a reason. Either they are not very good at managing them or they have been refused. Either way, that doesn't make that person a very good candidate for a Credit Account with any company.

Nail Technicians do not give credit in the salon. They get money in the hand. In my opinion there is no reason why a Nail technician who is managing her business well should not be able to pay for his/her goods as he/she goes.

Designer Nails helps their 'newbie' technicians in 2 ways. First we give them a great start with good solid education so they can go out and start earning very quickly. 2nd we do not have any kind of minimum order limit so it is easy to purchase in small amounts until they really get going.
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