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Dec 21, 2003
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East Anglia
I did a set of fibreglass at the weekend and the lady wanted the natural look. She didn't have much of a free edge but what was there, I shaped and did all the correct prep. Why is at the end you can still see the natural line of the free edge showing through? and on a couple of them they looked like she had dirt under the nail.

I would love to solve this problem as it's quite disheartening to produce lovely shaped nails with a dirty look!!! :)
In my experience that line of dirt you`re describing sounds like too much adhesive. If you gently pull the skin from the nail just underneath that line may disappear. I am assuming there wasn`t really any dirt as you would have done your prep, and that this line just looks like it is.
It is much better practice to make sure you don`t use too much adhesive and that when it oozes out it does so onto the nail so you can wipe it off and not underneath the nail.
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