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Anna from Toronto

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Jan 11, 2003
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Toronto, Canada
Hello Gigi

My sister (the one who lives in Lloret de Mar) is interested in learning to do nails. Do you know of any good schools or courses in that area? Is there licencing in Spain?...and how is the business over there?
Do you teach as well :D ?

Hope you are enjoing a nice weather in Spain...I'm freezing my butt off over here LOL LOL :?
Hi Anna,

Yes there are schools here in Spain that are now teaching Nails.
Your sister is North of Barcelona and I will give you a contact number in Barcelona for her to call. + 34 93 274 7376 Fax Or phone + 34 93 274 7375

Where I am is on the Costa Blanca (Benissa) - about 4.5 hours south of Barcelona - Nails are really beginning to take off in this area. I do private teaching here almost on a one to one basis - maximum two students. There is no licencing here in Spain, so really good teaching is a must.

In this area I have personally taught nearly all of the technicians who are doing nails, and I am so proud of how well they are all doing.

Teaching nails here in the beauty schools is VERY new and the distributor here is also very new to it all. BUT it is a great time for anyone to get in on the ground floor, so to speak, because it IS going to happen.

If I can help any further please let me know. My phone is + 34 96 573 3376 I would be happy to speak to your sister.

It is my favorite time of the year here with warm sunny days and cold nights - perfect. Sorry you are up to your 'you know whats' in snow!! :D

If you come for a visit, we must meet up - you would love this area - not your typical tourist trap. Speak soon. 8)
Thank you SO much for all the info..I'll let my sister know....
Thank you again :D
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