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Kim Lawless

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Apr 17, 2003
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I'm renting a room above a hairdressers in a busy high street but I'm a bit concerned as to how people will know I'm there. I can't have an A board as they have two outside already. My other concern is that they don't want to make my appoinments for me as their staff are busy with the hairdressers. This means that clients will have to call my mobile and I just worry that if they come into the salon to make an appointment with me and are then given a mobile number to call, they may just walk along to the next salon.

Any idea would be appreciated. xxx
Hiya Brow Queen

I'm in the same position, i'm in the process of having a mini banner made to put accross my window
I have also put loads of my info scattered around the salon etc

I have offered 1st treatment for free to all staff(that's just a small treatment)
in that time i have chatted with them and offered discounts for the staff who help me out

do you have business cards...give to all staff to put on mirror tops

try leaving a print out of available appointments at the desk..update it as often as you can

chat with owner and ask if they would be prepared to help if they can
tell them that you are aware that they are busy, that you don't want to upset business

i have to say though..they give my number out and i have found it works ok
the free treatments have paid off

Thanks Jen. So do your clients call your mobile to make appointments at the moment?
Hi, I have wandered this, are clients put off when they have to ring a mobile number rather than a land line?

Do you think we could lose out on business, if the only contact number is mobile?
Ok, I am in the same position as you, above a hairdressers, just off a main road. The staff are so busy they don't have time to make appointments for me, but my price lists are on the reception desk and if anyone calls in whilst I am with a client they give them one of my price lists which has my mobile number.

The girls also talk to their clients about me, so that if I wander through the salon they will say who I am/what I do etc. I give those girls in the salon that want it a spray tan at cost price, this keeps them happy and encourages them to refer people to me.

I do have an A board outside but tbh it hasn't had a great deal of effect and I want to get either a banner for outside the shop over the shop name, get one of those sticky banners that you can attach inside a window or a light box for outside.

I also have the added problem that the hairdressers is of a slightly "wrinkly nature" -lots of oap's.

Can you have any retail items in the salon at the reception desk this helps with some extra income and also is a talking point for the girls again to tell them about me.
When I rented space, I preferred that the reception didn't take my appointments but either passed on the clients details for me to call the client direct or they gave out my business cards and price lists for the client to call me. It never caused me any problems and at least if there was any confusion re bookings, I knew it was down to me and not one of the receptionists.

Leave some of your price lists or business cards on the reception desk in a holder and ask the hairdressers or receptionists to perhaps hand out your details to their clients when they are at the till paying their bill or ask the hairdressers to let their clients know about you and what you do whilst they are having their hair done.

It really helps if the salon recommend you but this is a two way thing too in that you should do your best to promote the hairdressers.

Could you perhaps give whoever can refer the most clients to you a free treatment as an incentive.
I'm just about to go into a hairdressers, and yesterday I went over and gave them all a free treatment, then they can tell the clients what the treatment was like for me. You know what its like in a hairdressers, everyone listens to each others converstation, and everyone joins in, so hopefully, one of the girls will have experienced the treatment and can offer an opinion.

I have also told them that they are to come back up for other treatemtns, at we haven't got through the list yet.

what you could do is ask the new client how they heard about you, if its one of the hairdressers make a note of their name and date, then when you have had 5 recommendations from the same person, give them a gift voucher or a discounted treatment, they will all soon get in on the act.
another thing you could do is offer a combined treatment, ie the client has a treatment with you then has their hair done. You both give a discount say 10%, the client is very happy, and you've both had a share in the fee.
Perhaps offer this for 1 week only every 3 months.

Don't know what treatments you do, but some of the massages can be a bit messy, and hair gets a bit oily, so its great that they will then go and get their hair done.
I rent a room in a hair salon and they make the appointments for me - however there have been problems with this like contact numbers not being taken, not enough time booked out, wrong times booked or not even booked in at all !

I can see why this would happen as it is a busy salon and they don't have time to make the appointments for me and there own clients BUT the disadvantage of booking your own appointments is that if your in treatment you can't take the call and if you get a walk in appointment they still have to call your mobile as you will have the appnt book !

I do think people prefer to call a landline, when I get busier I will look at getting my own phoneline installed if possible.

Personally I would ask for a reduction on the rent as most salons that offer rooms for rent include reception services and it is benefiting them to if you are busy.
i wouldnt want to take my own calls. the shop is open 9am to 9pm, so if clients call here there is always someone to speak to. i physically couldnt take my own call anyway, im too busy. however there are problems with incorrect bookings from time to time.
mistakes do happen don't they.

I like the fact that the premises take my phone calls, it gives a bit of professionalism, I personally wouldn't call a mobile number if that was all their was, and also when putting my details into free ads on the net, I don't have to give my home number or mobile, but the salon's/chiropody clinics.

The amount of advertising calls you get is amazing, and the receptionists are experts at fielding those calls too.

We live in a 24/7 lifestyle, and if a client can't get through to speak to you to book an appointment, they would more than likely ring the next person on the list, so it is vital that someone picks up.

I used to go a beauty therapist, and she would stop the treatment to answer the phone, and it really BUGGED me.:irked:
omg, i would NEVER answer a call when i was with a client!!! Thats so rude!!!

If it happened to me id probs tell them to answer it, im not really fussy, although if they answered a call without checking with me (the cloent) it was ok id be livid.

I was once in a salon, and the "tech" (i use the term loosely) had the fone wedged between her ear and face, having a loooooong convo with what seemed to be her mom or someone, with a pair of nippers in the one hand and the clients hand in the other, ripping off her enhancements!! eeeeeek. Thank god i only got my nails airbrushed in there!!

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