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Apr 6, 2010
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I haven't really started out mobile yet,just done friends and family and i kept getting asked for price lists so i printed a few up with the name i originally was going to use Miss Divine Beauty,but i'm not so sure of it now,first hubby said it he didn't really like it then a few people have sort of smiled or giggled when i say it,do u think i should change it to something else? if so any ideas,i really like the idea of a one word name,thought of Coral Beauty? any ideas appreciated

i like coral beauty. :) more than miss devine.

I like Coral Beauty too. Feminine and classy. ;)
What do you want to call it? Stepping out and calling yourself something different is a brave step. I called our first salon 2 dumb blondes, so I should know!

But you know what? I have never ever regretted it. If you are sure either are right for you then just do it.

Pesonally divine beauty gets my vote. It's different, I really like it and coral beauty doesn't do it for me.

Use whichever you like ! Put it this way, at least they won't forget you!!!! And to me that's a win win situation all round!
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Miss Divine Beauty sounds like a gay/transvestite place to me.Sorry no offence intended.
Coral Beauty is very boring imo.
Pick a name that says something urban,or local,or personal.
Golddigga your name on here ,sounds good and unique imo.
Funny and different.
How about drop the "Miss" and just go for "Divine Beauty" that way you are sticking to your roots, sounds more elegant & classy, has a better ring to it.
Also if you did stick with "Miss Divine Beauty" to me reads women only, I think it may put men off, & men love a pamper too! x
choose something different and that reflects you.

I named mine Powder & Pout, lol,

when I first saud it everyone laughed but I knew it was me and persevered - its good beacuse I stand out from all the regular beauty names and the customers love it and chat about it and most importantly i adore it!

I agree with Emma. "Divine Beauty" sounds so much better without the "Miss". Divine means things like: Beautiful, Blissful, Wonderful, Heavenly etc so is a great choice for your services.

Having said that, it is YOUR business so you have to do what sounds right for YOU.
Elaine x