Royal Series Kolinsky Sculpting Brush - Reviews?


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Classy Claws

May 10, 2007
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South Pole
Okay I am after a new brush, I like the look of this one (see link below) Has anyone brought one of these OR used shorter handled brushes before?

"Offers balance, comfort and control. The shorter handle allows you to work closer to the nail, for greater sculpting precision. Made from pure Kolinsky sable hair, these brushes are as attractive as they are functional."

I am a pro-styler-aholic but I am keen to try something new, I'm attracted to this as it says its got a shorter handle.. and being rather busty I find the pro-styler handle a bit long and bump it with me ample bosom at times... I have actually cut the end off one of my pro-stylers BUT it actually changed the balance of the brush and now it feels funny to use.
Hi I don`t know if you had any reply from your post but, I have a Kolinsky Sculpting Brush and love it I use NSI attraction L&P and it really is a good brush nice to handle and well just a good brush "looks pretty too" Would defo recommend.
I have the Royal series #8 brush from NSI and love it. It is one that I will sticking with.
thanks girlies... I think I shall order it then, I cant find any other short handle brush I like the look of and I aint cutting any more pro-styler handles off lol. Cheers geeks

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