Safety Goggles and prescription Glasses, DOUBLE GLAZING!


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Jan 27, 2007
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Hiya Geeks,

Dead excited as I started my VTCT nail tech course this week!! YIPPPPPEEEE At last, feels like ive been waiting for ages! Anyway our tutor has advised that we will need to wear safety goggles and I normally wear contacts. I realise its best not to wear contacts because of fumes etc so have invested in some glasses instead.How on earth can you wear safety goggles onto top of glasses??? :eek: Double glazing!!! lol I couldnt even see properly when I tried them on over me glasses.

So I searched for previous threads but didnt really find anything appropriate, wondering what you glasses wearing geeks do?? or whether there are special goggles that go over glasses.

Cheers all! :)
Thanks Karen :), appreciate that... still not sure if im gonna like wearing googles over glasses though, it feels uncomfortable :cry: maybe because im not used it.

Oh well I will have to order some and give them a go i guess.
Frankly your glasses alone should provide sufficient protection for your eyes ... unless you wear those little things on the end of your nose type glasses :). We're not working in an industrial setting with sparks flying etc.

Wear extra protection when pouring liquids/decanting products.

At the nail desk??? I think your glasses are quite adequate if of suficient size and if you are working with the normal caution when cutting nail tips etc (i.e. holding on to the end of the tip when you are cutting them so they do not 'fly' anywhere).

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