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Jun 18, 2007
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ive just been looking on sam biddles blogspot and thought id share this with everyone whos interested in design and fantasy nails, she is bringing out a new dvd which has a load of tips and techniques which we can all use to create some fantastic nail designs.
There is also a short clip of what we can expect see, if you go to Sam Biddle you can have a look , its absolutely brillant:)

Sorry in advance if if posted this in the wrong forum, :hug:

Hope u all enjoy looking
Wow!!! I have never attempted 3D, ut this could encourage me to be brave! Might have to invest in the DVD!!
Thanks for sharing
This would be brilliant! I've tried alot lately to do some 3d work but I can't quite get the hang of it:irked: so this would be really handy to have. Thanks for the info.
Ooh! Whats happening on the 4th of May then Jess?
Lol, thats not fair :irked: :lol:
to gain practicail skills by this lady is probadlt the best invest ment u could make! to your self and your buissness
oh how exciting

i can't wait too see that dvd
wow amazing designs.

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