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Sep 20, 2010
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I am feeling overwhelmed with all the new options in the nail industry. I have been in the industry for 15yrs and absolutely LOVE everything about it and want to provide my clients with the best quality products available.

I have ordered Shellac and it has been on back order since June. Since, I have been researching all the products out there and am now questioning which is the best product for me to offer.

I know this site is not a sales site, however I really value everyone's opinion on here as I don't have a peer in the industry. Please give me your testimonies of any or all the products.

Thank you! :wink2:
The best thing I could suggest you do is Search Shellac, Dashing Diva and Gellish and read all the thousands of threads there are this will give you an insight to the products.
I'm on my 8th year in the business and can honestly say that Shellac has boosted my business in a way I never thought possible. I have many 'wraps' clients that have moved over to Shellac, for which I charge £5 more than a maintenance, but it takes less time and eliminates stress on my wrists. Plus, the clients who would previously NEVER pay to have their feet done too are booking Shellac pedis. In addition, I am receiving lots of enquiries from new clients each day.

What more, my own nails look immaculate with Shellac - a great advert! I Shellacked my nails in Wildfire red nearly 2 weeks ago and everyone keeps asking if I've just had them done!

Persevere, as it is definitely worth the wait, and stock has been around since June (albeit, I grant you, briefly, as it does sell out fast)... Do you have an iPhone/similar? I keep a Sweet Squared tab open & check it regularly (in between clients, on the way to the loo etc!), so I don't miss the stock when it comes back in. xx
Been at it 9 years myself, I have both Shelac & Gelish & get the same great results from both products. Why not join the Shelac & Gelish lovers groups? Plenty of testimonials for both products there which may help you with your decision.

As far as I am aware Gelish has no current supply problems FYI .
Gelish all the way...

I find its sooooooo easy to apply and looks fantastic.:)
Its Shellac for me. Definately worth waiting for. Its fantastic and my clients adore it, it's easy to apply, looks fab, even after two weeks it still has an unbelievable glossy shine, a great product and a great profit maker. Another brilliant product line from CND.
I was in the same situation but in the end i went for Gelish and I am over the moon with them if they are out of stock it only takes a matter ofdays before they are restocked and they keep you informed when this happens. There customer service has been the best I have ever had they really go out of their way for you. My clients are all over the moon with the product and you can use a normal 36w uv lamp. I think it showed how popular gelish is going to become by looking at the crowd around their stall at olympia you was lucky to get near it. is there not someone in your area who use the 2 were you could try a set of each to help you decide???:hug:
Still not sure about Dashing Diva's, think I prefer to do my own french but they are great for doing french on myself.

I have both Gelish and Shellac but prefer Gelish. The colours are fantastic, the product for me hits every spot, beside's the great customer service and support..xx
Thank you all for your input!! I have search high and low in Kansas City for a salon that uses Gellish and have been unsuccessful and all the salons that have Shellac are out of stock, LOL.
My fingers are crossed that I will get the call any day now that my Shellac is in and may just go ahead and get a trial kit for the Gellish to really see how I like them.
Thank you again!!
I started using Shellac in May and have loved it. However, I will be phasing it out now and replacing with Gelish (which I have and love too). I cannot continue with "we can only apologise" from my supplier when either Shellac or basic things like d'sperse or scrub fresh are out of stock - yet again. It has been too stressful and frustrating. To my experince, Gelish have no supply or delivery problems so I will be ordering more from them in future.
To me the end result of the products is very similar indeed and the longevity of the service is equally good.
All I need to know is - what's the closest Gelish colour to Tutti Fruitti? That's my client's fave colour at the moment.
I haven't used either but have just bought the Seche kit. Can't believe how easy this is to do!
hi !! which supplier do you use for gelish products ? which brushes do you use ?? am just about to open up and would love advice from you !! on a budget !! thanks
hi !! which supplier do you use for gelish products ? which brushes do you use ?? am just about to open up and would love advice from you !! on a budget !! thanks

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This is the link to the UK Distributors for Gelish.
I am not sure what you mean about brushes as Gelish comes in bottles with a brush just like polish lol!!

Join up to the Gelish Lovers Social Group and you will get loads of information on there about everything Gelish
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