Shellac sneak preview (rack and additives)


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Dec 8, 2005
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It's getting towards that time of year again here in Orlando and we are getting ready for the biggest beauty show in the USA, Premier Orlando, it is a truly awesome event. The atmosphere is amazing and there are thousands and thousands who attend/show.

Looking forward to this year and especially Jan Arnold and Doug Schoon, plus CND have the main stage which is I think the first time a nail company has.

Little teaser attached.


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I want that rack!!!
When the last two set of six came out, I bought an extra of the original wall rack but I guessed something else was coming as they kept releasing new colors and nothing to display them in like when they sold A and B.

With the new one. it looks like their is a nice color chart too, which is good.
The rack, the additives...I'm greedy I want them all!
Sweet Squared and associates will have them soon. DON'T ask me for dates, ask them!! 08452106060 :biggrin:
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That rack is lovely!!! I saw that they had the little colour chart thingy in my local sweet shop the last time. It's lovely :) x
I think there might be a stampede for the rack! I soooo need one!

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Oooooooo the rack!!! I want one!

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