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Can the girls that have bought tunics from Simon jersey please tell me if they are a small fitting, large fitting or normal fitting,
as we all know these uniform companies seem to have their own ideas when it comes to sizing the clothes,
i would have had a look at the NEC but i don't think they are going to be there and i have seen a tunic that i would really like from them,
all help and answers are appreciated :hug:

Hi honey

Yes I've bought from them - still do. I always go one size bigger - and to prove its not just an odd shaped body I have (lol) other girls whom I used to employ when I had a salon alll had to have one size bigger also...

Their tunics are really good value. There's nothing wrong with them - they look smart and cheap enough to replace half way through the year if they get soiled....hth...:)


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Thanks hun :hug:

I went by their sizing guide and ordered a 16 top (even thought thats not my normal size) but when it came it was too big so I exchanged it for a 14 and that was fine.

I would say order your normal size if its wrong they exchange quickly and with no fuss.


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did you get a reference number to get money off?
got it somewhere if you want it.


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Quote: VKFM0640 to receive 10% off your first order.


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I know it's slightly different for chaps, but I found their sizes a little on the large size. They exchanged for a smaller one very quickly and with no questions asked, and I've always found their customer service to be excellent. The quality of their garments are fantastic too, really nice modern styles that hold the colour and wear well. If you agree to go on their mailing list, Louise, they will send special offers throughout the year too! :D


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think the reference number is out of date, sorry. It was from February!


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I got my tunics from there and ordered one size bigger than normal too.

I did have a few problems with their customer service though I am afraid where they messed my order up, but that can happen to any company I suppose.

Over the last 5yrs, ive orderd may different style tunics and have always orderd my normal size, i have never had any problems.


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i've had a lot of problems with simon jerseys customer service. tunics are fine thou, i'd say order your true size, i was told to buy one size bigger, but it was too big!

anyways, to cut the story short i nearly ended up taking simon jersey to the small claims court as i returned a tunic, they sent a letter saying they received it, but i didnt see my money for 3 months :irked:, after about 10 phone calls (on a premium number) from december - feburary, promising that the money would be in each week, i decided to take it further! i mean it was only £17 but still! i'd paid for a product i didn't have! sorry thread hijack, just had to vent my anger! xxx

Blue Rose

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I've always ordered my normal size & have never had any problems with them.

Good tunics at a great price


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have ordered one - the one buttoned tunic in brown. will let you know how it is when it arrives.


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Thanks everyone :hug:
thanks Andy, i will go on their mailing list when i order and see what bargains i can get later :hug:


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Good to read this thread... I have their latest leaflet and really like some of their tunics. They are so reasonably priced, I wondered if they were any good but after reading this thread I think I will give it a whirl. :green::hug:

Never had any problems with tunics or customer service, they get the thumbs up from me!!!:wink2: xx