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Oct 21, 2010
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this is one of our websites selling skincare - just wondering if we could have some informal feedback on the layout etc.

Skin Cosmetics Online
Think the site looks very professional and the text is well-worded and reassuring.
If I'm going to be critical I'd say it looks a little grey. It's a good colour in as much as it's serious and high-end but I think it looks a little dull.
By the way, good posting on here 'cos I'll be looking at it again. Do you sell trial sizes of Susan Posnick for colour-matching?
I have to agree with dandelionpoppy, it's functional but very boring to look at.
thanks for the feedback so far...we've made some changes. just trying to get the facebook page to link in..

keep the comments/suggestions coming...
I agree with the above, it doesn't really promote a professional image to me compared to other e-commerce sites I have seen. I wouldn't buy from it, but that is just me as an aesthetics practitioner, someone else might though.

Have a look at your competition to see the quality of work your web person should aim for. Hope this helps.
I found the site lacking in colour and did'nt make me want to take a look further into the site, its not eye catching enough to draw the customer in.

You have an odd selection of products for sale, restylene is a professional only product, so strange to see it among the other products. Anyway, that my opinion, hope it does'nt offend you.:hug:
Just noticed the restylane products were skin care related, oops:eek:, apologies!
It definately needs more colour and also the diagrams on the agera page are not very clear.
On the plus side it is very informative! x
I know I'm new here, but I'm only try to help by sharing my opinion :)

I found two things I think you could do better with your website.

1) Give me something that grabs my eye:
When I opened your site I struggled for a second, I had no idea where to look. Chances are this is happening to other visitors too and you don't have much time to catch their attention before they click the back button.

I ended up deciding to read the headline below your banner...which pointed out something else you could do better.

2)Let me (visitors) know what you can do for me, specifically.
It is awesome that you are experienced and you care about customer satisfaction, but that is not the very first thing I want to know about you. What I want to know is what can you do for me? What specific benefits can I expect to enjoy by becoming your customer?

I hope this helps. I think those two alone could do great things for your website.

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thanks for the comments - work in progress. considering moving a few things around and a change to the colour.

any further suggestions gratefully appreciated.
Thanks for the suggestions - Changes made. Comments/reviews please?
It's a fair bit better than when I had a looksee a couple of days or so ago, but the graphics still look very "generic" to my eyes - as if they've come off a template rather than having been designed by a good graphic designer with a knowledge of creating a strong brand...
Thanks for the suggestions - Changes made. Comments/reviews please?

The background and banner far too busy and the middle section is still not right. I think, as ruth said, you need to go to a good web designer who will design a bespoke site for you. If you want a thriving e-commerce site you will need to put your money into it first.

It still doesn't sell to me, I wouldn't buy from it as it looks like it is a home made site rather than a site for a profitable company.
It is definitely improving. Have you thought about adding a blog?
Blog added - and deal of the month... - comments welcomed...

Logo in pipeline

we're also emailing past customers asking for specific feedback - what they liked, didn't like and think we could do differently...

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