Slimming World - ONLINE - Is it any good?


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Oct 30, 2006
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Morning geeks!

About 2 years ago now I was a member of Slimming World (in Windsor) and loved it.
The Consultant was fantastic - Very proactive, inspiring and encouraging. I lost a healthy amount of weight and because of her support and meal ideas it was no effort.

Anyway, when we moved to Surrey, I joined my local group and the consultant was rubbish! The group meeting was basically a cup of coffee and a mothers meeting, followed by a quick read of the losses that week and go home!

Needless to say that I stopped going, put the weight back on + extra (damn that injection!!) and am now feeling pretty bad about my physical appearence.

So, I have stopped the injection, hoping that I will find it easier to loose weight without that rubbish in my body and am all fired up to loose some weight!
Thing is that there is no point in me re-joining that group, but I am the type of person who can't do it alone.
My husband is as fit as a teenager and loves his rubbish food........ makes things so much harder!!

So I am wondering about the Online membership........ Anyone tried it?
What did you think??
Hi,im a slimming world member and go to cleasses every week which is great.I dont do the online membership but we get free acess to the website and its got loads of info on it loads of recepe's and advice.I should imagine when you are a online member you get like a chart for your progress and extra tools to plan ya days food probally.HTS xx good luck xx
I went to weight watchers agres ago (lost a stone then got pregnant again lol) ad I did find it very supportive. I don't think I'd feel that I got the same support from being online but then thats just me.
I would agree with blossom tho to be honest as i think you need the full support of people from the group meetings.Its like last month i did tesco diet online i paid £29 i think used it the first week to do my weeks food chart then never went back on it what a waste of money so went back to good old Slimming world,my 1st week as been hard cos eating from a load of crap to healthy is unreal.But see what you think is best for you but my opion would be go to class if you can.HTH xxxx
I would love to go to the class......... but my local one is honestly rubbish!
I loved doing Slimming World, I honestly think it is fantastic.

But what I have learned since moving away from my first consultant (in Windsor), is that having a good 'leader' makes all the difference.

I will look into weight watchers, see how different it is and if I like the programme and the consultant, then I might give them a try.

But I will miss Slimming World :(
I've been a consultant for Slimming World in the past and am currently attending a local class and have to say after trying everything else w.watchers, tesco ediets, etc, nothing beats S.World if you love your food (like me)! I regularly go online as you can track your progress, fill out food diaries and check syn values, plus recipes and inspirational things too. Much better than it used to be. I've lost just over a stone now and have to say I've tried before and not been in the right frame of mind and then failed even with S.World! If you go online you can check for classes in your area or see if the class you went to has a new consultant. If you aren't happy with a consultant you can make a complaint which will be taken seriously, this happened recently in the class I attend). Hope this helps!:)
Every time I follow a slimming world eating plan - I put on weight and that puts me off - especially as I dont drink and vegetarian - dont fry - dont eat snacks. Does anyone else find this? I know loads of people who do amazing from ww and sw but not me.
I do the Rosemary Conolly DIet, she seems to be the only one who promotes long term healthy attitudes and simple equations.....low fat low cal more excercise means you will loose weight that will stay off, these classes also include a aerobic type of work out... It may just be me but I find ww and sw allow you to eat un healthy stuff so long as you save your points!! They also seem to spend time in classes flogging you thier products....just my opinion though!!:hug:
Hi There
I am also wanting to lose some weight but am not sure whether to do it online or go to a class. (i work mornings and evenings which do not fit in with my local classes very well) I think that if you are quite a self motivated person then the online programme will work well but maybe for that extra support a class would be better. HOWEVER my dilemma with this situation is that if I have had a naughty week! I do not attend the class!!! So im not sure what the answer is hun!

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