Some new pictures


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I believe in exposing/showing the Onychodermal Band to make nails more natural looking.
What do you think?
Bet you will have to google this one:)
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well they look lovely as ever.

However i have very stubby nails so how would this worjk then !


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Beautiful.. as usual

is that the line you can see under your nail plate where the blood supply ends??


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I havent googled and i'm not a qualified tech yet, but i'm going to have a guess. Is it the darker pink line around the smile line?!?! Or am i way off!!? :confused:


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What do you mean by exposing? Do you mean pushing on it to make the line crisper, or using a clear overlay that lets us see it?


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I wish my nails looked like that. And you're right...I will have to Google. :hug:


you ever coming back with 'the trick' on this one carl ???


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you ever coming back with 'the trick' on this one carl ???
The onychodermal band is a natural feature of most nails ........ using opaque powders of course masks this natural feature and in so doing, some feel the nails look more fake. In a similar way that white powder masks the natural colour of the nail's free edge and makes the nails look fake. Some people are into fake (which is fine) and some are not.

I am into natural but of course offer whatever anyone who is paying the bill wants (with appropriate advice given of course).

These images are really beautiful and very natural .. onychdermal band and all!


Thanks Geeg, the images are really beautiful and I wish that my own natrual nails would look like this but sadly I have stumpy nail beds.


They look really nice, love them!

However, I've noticed that some people have really really dark bands and it doesn't seem like it would be flattering to show that.


Those nails are lovely! - very natural looking!!!

Jodie x x

I think i would love for you do my nails, i wish i lived closer :cry:

So pretty! You must post more pics :green:


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They look really fab to me well done x


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Beautifull, I am actually experimenting at the moment to try and create nails that look really natural,, would love to be able to create something like you have. xxx

I really like it!

Do most of your clients wear polish? Or just go bare?

I'm just curious because I did a french like this with polish once, and I kept thinking "all this work and it just looks like I scrubbed her nails"

Of course to give someone with no nails to begin with this look would be totally different!


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Carl they look so wonderful.

I know that you use avolve, but i was wondering what powder you use. Is is "perfectly pink" "clear" or is it a combination?

Also i use the natural no well tips, is that what you use?

Thanks in advance


so lovely! i wish some of my clients would go for the more natural look!


Look amazingly natural. I'll have to remember to try it out.

Very natural! Lovely set. How do you do it? For example as catsaremad says for very short nails or nails with almost no free edge. How would you do that for them? Do you use pigmented acrylics or use the nails natural onychodermal band and sculpt from there? Would love to know! Any hints for making this possible using gels?