Spray tanners! Your advice please :)


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Mar 19, 2010
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Hi guys

Advice from fellow spray tanners needed!
I need to ask this without offending anyone which I really don't want to do.
When tanning human beings of the more voluptuous figures..
I have found the top of the arms always rubs on the body and then marks the inside of the arm. Do you combat this by asking them to really keep their arms away? I do this,but maybe they need to keep their arms up and away for much longer?
Additionally, do you ask such clients to bend/stretch so you can spray in 'creases'?
And lastly, to ask them to lift boobies or not? I usually dont but one lady decided she wanted to, after id already sprayed a bit so we then had wierd finger marks to blend in!

thanku for reading¬!
no i wouldn't ask such a thing. I don't think i'd like it if i was asked to lift parts of my body other than limbs. These areas wouldn't tan in if the person walked around naked in the sunshine. I have had people asking for an extra spray under boobs and bum to avoid smilies. But that's only if they ask.
As for arms, anyone can rub their arms against their body and scuff the tan. I ask clients to stand with their elbows poining out without bendind arms to the point of creasing at the elbows. (not a good explanation, but i show them how they are best to stand)

I am on the voluptuous side and I had my first spray tan last week not really knowing much about it and I have to say i was rather disappointed because when i got home i realised that when my legs were bent i had white lines, when i bent to the side i had white creases on my back, when i put my bra on i had white bits where my boobs were hanging! Now after researching spray tans my initial reaction was that the spray tanner was unprofessional and didnt know her profession enough to know different positions for bigger people to get into like stretching out the back etc and bending knees slightly. Maybe it was because she didnt want to upset me but I wished that she had automatically asked me to resume these positions like it was naturally part of the process, i wouldnt have known any different, but instead I was let with white bits and very disappointed in my tan and i wont be going back to her for another. I hope this helps :)
susan x
Hey hun can understand where your coming from but at the same time what suzi1234b just said is so true! I wouldnt take the risk of not telling them to get into more posistions than usual or lift arms because its so important that when they go home there happy! of course im not saying offend or upset anybody but just be natural and go on like its the norm and thats what you ask every person to do, because its much more upsetting getting home and taking a spin in the mirror expecting to be glowing gorgeous and then to see that you look like a striped zebra.
As for lifting breasts i do ask if they would like to most say yes they would like to but always remember to ask this before you've started spraying the chest! :lol:

Be confident and polite hun, if you remain relaxed your clients generally are too so there nervousness disperses and they trust the pro get on with what shes does!
Hope this helps hun xx
I find that the more fuller figures and even on skinny girls that sometimes they have folds at their elbows and knees. I just get them to keep bending their knees until skin is smooth, sometimes looks like a yoga pose. for the elbows i ask them to bend the elbow until the creases are ironed out. for the underarms, when i spray the armpit i immediately ask them to hold the position and take off the hose and dry it for about 30 seconds. any other smudging will jusst wash off. as for the boobs, I have never asked anyone to lift them, but if I were I would ask them to lift them up and spray underneath ie from under breast to stomach then ask them to hold it while I dried with my hose again for 30 seconds.

well that is my two penneth worth. hope it helps
It can be awkward and I always try and put my clients at ease. I do ask my clients to lean slightly in the direction i need them to - to get in the creases. Usually a arms raised and a slight lean back can sort the boobs out, if ladies have larger boobs (which they know really how their own boobs lie!) you can ask them and if so also dry the area with your gun too before releasing!!!

Maria x
I completely agree with all these comments, and for me personally If the spray tanner had automatically done these things especially the drying off bit... I would definately go back and not only that I would go back even if the price was higher because its the good service thats most important for me x
Also if they have never have had a spray tan before i advise them before that I am going to ask them to get in some odd poses. That way they are prepared a little!!
I always get in the creases without them even realising most of the time. When I get them to put their hand up on top of head so I can spray under arm to waist It normally stretches out the side creases round to back at same time and I just mist in any smiles on show...

Then when I ask them to turn their knees out to the side so I can do inside of legs they normally bend at the knee and I mist lightly so any white lines are got at same time.

I always ask bigger breasted ladies if they want me to spray under boobs? most of them say yes so I ask them to lift up and I spray their stomach at same time, then they release and I spray top half so no solution on hands.

Another place to watch out for on larger clients is front of feet around ankle area, this can sometimes have white lines, nearly got caught out by this last week, I had to ask client to stretch foot out to mist that bit!
I agree with erveryone's comments. I think that suzi1234b has hit the nail on the head with her experience. This is exactly how I would expect anyone would feel, big or small, if they came away from an appointment with white marks. I wouldn't consider that I had done my job properly if I didnt tan all of the skin properly and it certainly wouldn't do much for my reputation either. It can be a bit awkward and a bit more time consuming but client satisfaction should always be your top priority :)
I agree with Sherrie, a stretch normally does the trick with most areas!
Thanks guys :)
Opinion does seem to vary.
I think i will make sure arms are kept well away from sides for all clients for longer and dry off with the air.
From now on I will ask whether they prefer under boobs or not. I think this will vary depending on what customer wants.
Can I ask how do you recommend spraying under boobies without getting too much overspray on the hands? just being extra careful?

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