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The pictures on this tutorial are really good, very clear. Thanks :D
Well done, the pictures are faberoonie, geekett lingo for fandabbidoseyxxxx

Cheers Sam, brill as always

love Ruth xxxxxxxx
Fantastic tutorial, thank you!!!!!!!
Fab pics sam, much better than the last one.......
I am as always in total awe of your talent

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Jan 9, 2003
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I have just uploaded all new (and much better quality) smile line step by step images for the "Smile Line" tutorial.
The images are from the photoshoot step by step that recently appeared in the last Professional Nails magazine.

Some of the text was also featured there... but here I have far more space to bleat on so I also updated and tweaked some of the text.

You can get to it by clicking the Tutorials and then choosing the 'Million Dollar Smiles' link.

nJoy folks. :batman:
Sawasdee ka

Pictures very good and i undrerstand kop khun ka for teach .

Some words you use tutorial i can not find english thai dictionary but no problem i understand many .

Kop khun ka mui
hiya denise
i find that my ultra sculpter brush helps in this situation.
it allows you to hold more liquid in your brush, therefore you can pick up bigger beads, but still keeping to the correct mix ratio.
apply the bead & spread it out evenly but thinly using the technique in the tutorial, creating the smileline & tapering the bead out to reach the free edge.
then apply 2nd bead to create your apex at the smile line. if the nail is very long, don't forget the apex, or stress area, should b 1/2 way between the extention /free edge & the cuticle line.
you might have to build up the free edge if your 1st bead didn't reach.

try to encourage your clients to keep their nails "balanced" i.e the white should ideally b 1/2 the length of the pink, but definatly no longer than the pink. :shock:

hope this helps :D

lol liza smith creative educator for kent
hi...i thought your pictures were great...very helpful (you make it look soooo easy!)

I would like to ask a question if i may.....if the client has very long extensions do you create a new zone and if so would you see a line joining the two white zones?....i hope this makes sense!

Yes, i am a new Nail technician and yes i know it shows...sorry. :rolleyes:

Many thanks

Denise. x
Great pictures! :D

I just love that finished nail!

Fantastic pics sam and a brilliant tutorial :D :D
Excellent tutorial Sam! :D
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