Tanning client at 5 months?


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May 26, 2009
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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone can advise me on this please?
The client is 5 months pregnant, is this:

1. Safe
2. Recommended
3. Would this affect the color of the tan, i.e. development and patching?

Any help greatly appreciated :)

Thank you
L x
Generally speaking it is safe to spray tan a pregnant lady, but the tan may not develop properly due to hormones. It way have some light or dark patches. Just need to let her be aware of that.
Also if they are pregnant then i would definitely patch test as we can be much more sensitive to products when pregnant.
Just also be aware that she may get dizzy spells etc, so keep an eye on her.
Hope that helps.
You need to check with your insurers first as some insurance companies won't cover this.
There is no reason why you can't spray pregnant clients though. I do it all the time as my insurance covers me to do it.
It's sometimes not advisable to do do it in the first trimester as their hormones can be all over the place.
Once they are past the first 3 months then it is fine. Having said that, i have sprayed women in their first trimester and never had a problem. You just need to make them aware that the tan can go patchy due to hormones in the first 3 months and then it's up to them to make an informed decision.
Make sure you have adequate ventilation.
My biggest worry when spraying pregnant women is that they may pass out on me! I have had one client do this due to having low blood pressure, but this could have happened to anyone with low blood pressure.
I always ask my pregnant ladies to let me know if they feel a bit light headed at all. I have a fan in my room and somewhere to sit just in case!
As long as you are insured it is fine, but provide a mask for when you do their body and let them take it off when you do their face unless you use a professional extraction system. The further on into their pregnancy they get you will find that they like the the coolness of the liquid spray.
I can't speak from experience as am doing my tanning training next week! But there are other threads on here about this and from what I remember it's true that there is nothing in the tan that's dangerous but some insurers don't insure.

Call me paranoid, but I would be worried, particularly during the first trimester, that if something went wrong with the pregnancy, the client might blame the tan, even if it's unfounded. That would be my worst nightmare! x
I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant and had one the other day, only it didnt hardly come out :cry:
This could be down to hormones so i'm roping in my sister to have a tan so i can test the solution.
Just be aware that hormones can have an affect on the outcome.
And, as already stated above, patch testing is more important, even if you have sprayed the client before, their skin can be more sensitive.
check with your insurers first i know my insurance wont cover me for pregnant clients

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