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Dec 6, 2007
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Is it right to offer client's tea & coffee for hour long treatments such as manicures/pedicures or should we be offering them a healthier option such as; Herbal tea/Sparkling water/water i know that client's will probably will drinking loads of caffiene at home but if trying to convince them to have a body wrap or treatment such as a facial which it be taking away everything you've said.
I think its important that when clients are going to be at the salon for a long period of time they are rehydrated with drinks however if don't offer tradional tea/coffee instead of herbal tea will clients want to go to the next salon that offers this service?
The herbal tea im talking about is one you can buy in a tin and mix five heap tspons with hot water and keep it in a thermal heater so it remains warm all day especially if your on your own then you dont need to worry about reheating the kettle all the time as i feel this can waste treatment time too.
What do you all think do you offer other refreshments and specialities too?
what happened to vodka, gin, wine and champagne ?:)
not all together of course ......
Mmmmm i don't know, i can see what your saying and it does make sense but i hate those drinks and would want a coffee...:lol:....only other thing is that sometimes these herbal drinks are useless when done with water too hot as it kills all the good in them....rob drinks them by the bucket full and only ever makes them with warm water.
lol maybe i'm just thinking too much then i just feel that if everyone one else doesnt see coffee/tea as a problem to offer in salons then maybe clients would prefer to go to them rather then me making them drink herbal tea lol but then again i'd feel like hyprocrite telling them about body wraps and demalogica facials in order to get results they really should be reducin their caffiene intake but then i guess its up to the indiviual too lol

lol im sure they wouldnt mind having champagne & cocktails on arrivals
I'm not sure they will be thinking as deeply about this issue as you! You could just offer them a choice of all but make it clear that herbal tea or water is the healthy option. You can't be the drinks police as when they leave they will just do what they want anyway. Some salons only offer a glass of water and I wouldn't expect a hot drink :hug: I'm much more concerned about the treatment than the refreshment I'd go to a cafe if I wanted a hot drink of my choice! :)
if clients come to mine i offer de-caff tea and coffee, or hot water and lemon, or if they really need it proper filter coffee :green: hth x
i offer herbal tea, water or juice

simply because this is what i drink so that all thats in the house
yeah lol after all im not Costco Coffee or Starbucks de-caff coffee/tea is a good idea as long as i dont have 2 many options lol one of the other
well the reason i offer it is coz its all we drink , lol , i occasionally have a filter coffee but only if i really need it :eek:, too much caffiene make me ill , really doesnt agree with my stomach :lol:
I used to work for a spa that didn't offer normal tea or coffee, just cranberry juice, water and Thalgo teas (yuk!!) The problem was it was also a hairdressers as well andmost customers just wanted a cup of tea or coffee. The director said we couldn't provide it to them, and towards the end (it closed down and was sold off to saks), especially for the hairdressers clients, we just bought our own tea and coffee and started giving it to them if they asked for it.

I used to argue that there are antioxidants in tea (that's my excuse for drinking on average of 5-6 cups a day!)so it's not all bad... you can only use the "in moderation" suggestion, and i would always offer water as you would offer this after treatments anyway.

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