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Aug 4, 2007
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So. Calif.
Dear loyal CND product users,

Over the past few weeks there has been a great deal of frustration, concern and confusion surrounding the recent closing of the Hyperion Group in the UK. For this we are deeply sorry.

Since the issues began, CND has been working diligenty seeking a positive resolution to the situation and we are relieved to say a positive, long-term solution is eminent. Although we can not give specific detail at this time, our intention is to insure that CND is properly represented in the UK and Ireland for the long-term. You can be sure that your favorite and long-trusted CND products and education programs will continue to be available thoughout the UK.

As a short term measure we are happy to say a number of key locations in the UK and Ireland currently have product on its way from the US. Some of these key suppliers are Creative Nail Academy educational centers which you are likely already familiar with, as well as a large national supplier. We will work with the Nail Geek site to find an appropriate place to post the contact details for these locations as soon as product has arrived so that you can seek product from them.

We appreciate your loyalty and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such dedicated Nail Professionals working with our products. We regret the frustration that the closing of Hyperion Group has created for you all. Please trust that we are working tirelessly to get things up and running with a new supply source for the long-term and will keep you advised as soon as we have contrete details for a new distributor.

Thank you again for your patience and loyalty, you are the BEST! :hug:

Warmest regards,
The entire CND Family, Vista, Ca
This sounds like good news, and just wanted to say I hope that things get sorted very quickly for everyone involved in this situation.

Thanks for giving us a update.:hug::hug::hug:
thanks for taking the time to post this all comes across as very positive

:) i thing the thread is great at keeping us loyal creative techs informed !! thanks alot it has assured me of the company being as i always saw ie proffesional and my personal favorite for all things nails !!!

love xx:green:
thanks for this posting, hopefully this will make a lot of people feel much better and put put peoples minds at ease a little, i look forward to hearing the news as soon as you can tell us

nicky xxxx
excellant news for all creative techs. thankyou:green:
Loyalty is shared in both ways, thanks for keeping us updated and looking forward to a happier and prosperous conslusion for all. xx:hug:

Thank goodness for that, it felt like i'd lost my best friend

Love to all at CND worldwide and all that sail in her

look forward to the day we get you back:hug:
Thanks for the update, I think this is a really positive step forward, which many of us Creative techs need right now.:hug:
Well that all sounds positive.:)

Can't wait until everything is back on track and all the exciting 'new' stuff is out there too.:)

Thanks for keeping us informed.
Hello and thank you for the information.

As a CND Grand Master you can understand that I am a super-loyal, but worried all the same, customer! This is official good news, which builds on what I read in the latest edition of Professional Beauty (but I take a press release/article like that with a pinch of salt) so I am a happy bunny.

Thank you for your proactive approach to a miserable situation. As has been said before - I'm looking forward to being part of the family again! x
Your update is appreciated !

There are many in far worse situation than i atm,Samuel and Samantha and everyone at CND,the educators and other nail professionals also :hug:

Hindsight is a great thing and i am sure that everything possible is being done now and that positivity is key.

I hope things are resolved asap and i for one appreciate the update.
Thank you for the update, the news does sound positive. Have tried One stop shops for products and even though nothing at mo they have been great, did manage to order today from Dublin and Milton Keynes said they are hoping for stock later this week. Fingers crossed everything will be back to normal sooner rather than later.
Wow CND is a geek! - thats huge!
Thank you so much for taking time out to let us know :hug:
great, look forward to hearing from you soon!
i think this is a much needed post.
lets hope this is the start of a new beginning, a happy beginning for all involved.

i'm new to CND and glad to be apart of it :hug:
Thank you for the positive response :green:

I hope that everything works out for Mr and Mrs Geek (as well as everyone else) who need a hug and support right now :hug::hug:
Thank you for the up date and i hope SAM and Samantha will be as involved in CND as much they ever were,
It is all sounding like good news so far,
I hope Leeds is one of the osns that will be back up and selling soon, i am having shopping withdrawals lol :hug:

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