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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
by Ruth Fordham CND Master Technician

Remove all non living tissue, so a thorough manicure followed by a thorough prep................
  1. Size your tip so it matches the clients natural c-curve at the bitten edge.
  2. Hold the tip in place and check for pressure mark on the sidewalls, the bulbous skin here can be a problem and if the tip is not saddled, can give the tip a ski jump look and even pop of the nail after application................
  3. Saddle the tip, this means carving out a little space at the pressure points, I use small curve scissors, keeping a check on how much I take away from the sides.
  4. The tip should fit like the piece of a jigsaw......
  5. Reduce the contact area of your tip by at least 1/3 ..........
  6. De-bulk the tip, reducing the thickness slightly
  7. Fit the stop point of the tip snugly against the bitten edge and use Gelbond to adhere, checking that the tip is following an nice natural curve and not a ski jump effect................
  8. Cut (prob much shorter then the client would like) , blend and thin the tip and proceed with your overlay...............
  9. Make sure the overlay is nice and flush and there are no bits sticking out or to pick at...........
  10. Biters who cant get at their nails, tend to turn into pickers............
Clients with severe bitten nails will need a maintenance much more quickly then non biters as their nails tend to grow much faster.....So I have my little canibals come to see me after a week to make sure all is well.....

bitten nail pics geek.jpg
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brilliant tutorial ruth do you mind if i save this on my computer for refrence as you know i am new to acrylic and gel and would like to keep it to refer to.
That is what it's there for Hun........................Help yourself xxx
I can never get my head around this tutorial.... but I think i have just realised what you do?..... Where you cut the sidewalls of the tip to bridge the bulbous skin, there must be a gap? Do you then go over that gap with product directly on the bulbous skin like a sculpt??

If not can someone try to tell me what you do please. Havent had an extreem biter yet but dreading it!! lol
If you look at the picture fig.b............ It shows you how the gap or the saddle will fit over the skin........You are carving out a space from the stop point(well area) towards the tip edge(free edge)

Just like a horses saddle will fit over the horses back, making allowance for the spine.....ensuring a safe and comfortable ride........
Just in this case , you make allowance for the puffy skin.......
When the tip is fitted, there will not be a gap , everything fits snuggly......and the product can have a safe and comfortable ride on the back of the tip......

No product will come in direct contact with the skin.........
Take a tip and try it, it is easier to visualize this, if you are actually doing it.
Thanks Ruth, I think where im visualising it wrong is that i'm imagining that when you cut the tip it goes inwards towards the centre of the nail, bit like a monkey nut shape! lol, which is why i think there is going to be a gap at the sides. I will try it out x
Hi babe, it is the lower arch of the tip that is being cut to fit the shape of the skin.........
So look at the tip from side on...so you can see the shape of the lower arch.. that makes it easier to understand......
just tried this on client who i have refused to do in the past because of bitten nails (ive told her a few times now to come back and see me when there not so damaged)anyway it worked she loved them i just hope she dosent start picking at them as most bitters usually do.
i think that this is a brill tutorial, thank you so much. I am a nail tech canibal so this will help me do my own better.
great tutorial, i am slowly getting to read them all!lol, im also printing these for future ref, extremely helpful, thanku!!

Hi. This has been a great article for me to read. I am newly trained and have only had two sets of acrylics to my name. one a nail biter! Hope fully I can do the next client with a bit more confidence.
Thanks again
Nailsinlondon1 said:
[If you look at the picture fig.b............ It shows you how the gap or the saddle will fit over the skin........You are carving out a space from the stop point(well area) towards the tip edge(free edge)]

I have just read about 'saddle' in Encyclopedia of Nails but the picture on your thread is far better and now i fully understand thanks!! really needed this! as I have a Bride to do in a week and she is a biter! would not want to hear she pinged off a nail on the day! thanks again Debs X
What happens as it grows out though Ruth does it look uneven or do i use a larger size tip to conmpensate hun?

Or am i totally missing the point and looking at removing some of the side arch?

thanks hun
As the tip grows out the natural nail will grow up and over the free edge, so it is a natural progress regrowing the bitten nail....and the bulbous part of the nail reduces in size looking like a normal unbitten finger and nail........
This is great! I have just the person to try this on! :lol:
i read it and it sounds great but is there some pics that we can see all the procedure?
Dessi said:
i read it and it sounds great but is there some pics that we can see all the procedure?
there is a drawing in the post that might give you a better idea xxx the best thing is to do it as you read it, that way it makes more sense xxx
Where do you get curved scissors?
Where do you get curved scissors?

you should be able to get them from most beauty suppliers - they are quite common - one example beauty express catalogue page 172.
Thanks for the info! I'd like to save a copy if you don't mind.:green: I'm very new to the business and always willing to learn.

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