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Jan 23, 2007
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i use creative products but only ever used nsi glaze n go as i like how shiney it leaves the nails , does anybody use cretive uv dry and is it as shiney as glaze n go .ta
I use Creative's top gloss it is really great but you do need a Brisa lamp:)
Does the Brisa top coat leave a sticky top residue
I'm like you deby, I use Creative products + NSI Glaze n Go. I like it.
Nothing wrong with Brisa top coat, but I found that my clients wanted to 'stroke' the nails as soon as they came out of the lamp - and with Glaze n Go there's no sticky layer to get them in a mess. :irked:
No other reason..............
I guess the adavantage of using any make of UV topcoat that does not leave an inhibition layer (sticky residue that needs to be wiped away) is that you do not need to purchase a wipe off solution suitable for that product, thus reducing costs. Personally I have found that using any UV topcoat (over L&P) leaves an equally good glossy shine, it's just that with the products that do not require removal of sticky residue means less cost to the tech.

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