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Dec 6, 2010
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I can't stress enough how Carl and Ruth at verve's customer service is second to none. Their attention to detail, time scale,value for money and patience cannot be beaten. Ive had my my logo, website, and now print designs designed all of which are exceptional quality and prices. Thank you guys I know I'm a nightmare as I'm clueless with this stuff. Highly recommend.
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Me too! I've had my business cards, price list and a poster done and now they are working on my website and it's given my business a really high profile look without costing the earth. Thank you Carl and Ruth :)
im waiting to get paid on friday to get started!
One I have spare cash (HAHAHA) I'm gonna be pestering them for pricelists and website design... Carl already did my logo and I love it and their attitude and professionalism (and patience!) :)
I really want Carl from Verve to do mine!!!! I think I posted a message after him on a thread but didn't hear anything back. What's his email./website pls???

Def do it

Carl is really great at what he does!

verve design

[email protected]

Ive already told him Ill be darkening his doorstep again soon enough!
oooh exciting... I sent my details through on Sunday and Carl replied straight away, I've paid my deposit and can't wait to see my new logo!!!:biggrin:
They have never late me down customer service up there with apple and amazon in my book :)
Cant agree more, can't fault them!x
I want a logo designed, hmmmm hope pay day hurrys it's butt up! ;)
Get in touch they only take a small deposit to start the design then remainder once final approval
Carl created my logo and Ruth is in the process of creating my web site.

I've just paid the deposit for my logo, can't wait to see what they create!

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