waxing problem!!


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i did a client an eyebrow wax yesterday, i checked the temperature on her as i would on on any client, but she came back in today and she had a burn???? and im reli not sure why as she even said it didnt feel to hot when i put it???? can anyone give me any advise plz as i am now a bit wary about doing it again!!!



Maybe some medication she was taking or cream she was applying?


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This happens sometimes so don't worry too much.

Make sure you apply a little oil to the area before applying wax, stretch the skin when applying the wax and when removing it. This stops the wax sticking to the skin too much thus removing a layer which will scab the skin the day after waxing.

Obviously always check your temperature of the wax first, goes without saying! :D

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It may not be a burn, it may be a graze i.e. the skin has lifted and this can happen for all sorts of reasons including the wax no being hot enough.

Was it her first appt with you?

Kim Lawless

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If it's just a one off, I'm sure it wasn't anything that you did. Don't worry about it it could have happened for any number of reasons. xx