What are you geeks hoping for in 2008?


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Mar 24, 2006
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ok.....:green: I know we havent had christmas yet, but these last few weeks myself and my oh, have had to make some drastic life changing descisions because of my health, which has all but planned out our 2008 ...

I am hoping to be pregnant , if I can stay cancer free long enough, I am also hoping that we will live together full time, instead of living between two homes lol, (its annoying having half of my stuff somewhere else lol)
obviously I am expecting to continue to build up on nails, and im hoping for a marriage proposal before im 27 lol, .......I realise I may be asking alot hehe
i wonder what will happen:)

my question is , what do you all hope and wish for in 2008?
contentment and love....that is all i wish for,not just for 2008,but for the rest of our lives(Rich and myself):hug::hug:
i want to win the lottery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

i hope i get more clients for nails....and i just hope we have our health and happiness still as strong as it is.:hug:
I forgot, possibly the most annoying one..... to pass my damn driving test:twisted::green:
Well, I think 2008 is going to be a very important year for me, as I am entering a new phase in my holistic career.

I have been doing holistics for 10 years and have worked freelance and tutoring. I have rented a room for over a year and 7 weeks ago rented a second room.

I am also still doing a little teaching but as they are 10 week contracts, doesn't spoil my routine too much.

So, for 2008, I want to become more business orientated, like more focused. I dont want to lose the personal touch at all and become too polished and sterile and lose my identity, but I want to progress with it and make a success of it.

I think I will keep the 2 rooms running for most of 2008 but think that my the end of the year will phase the original room out.

I am prepared for hard slog, I don't expect to be handed anything on a plate, but I would like it to flow more easily, and NOT be so obsessed about covering each week;s rent!!! LOL

I have set myself a goal of being able to buy a 2nd hand light blue mini by end of October, but hey, we can dream!!!
I am planning to do my vtcts in manicure, pedicure, nail technology and waxing next year. I am also hoping to hone my skills to the point where I can actually feel confident enough to offer my services for payment and to generally improve my education. :)
I want to cut down to part time driving and open my home salon, where I will offer waxing, spray tanning and nails with an aim to be handing in my notice at the bus company next Christmas:lol:
My main hope for 2008 is that my mum gets better. She has had lots of treatment for cancer this year and for a while we thought she had beaten it things are now looking un-certain again. So as I said that is my main hope.

Business I just want to keep on growing and become more successful. I want to add a couple of new treatments and of course pass my level 3 beauty.
For those of you hoping for healing for yourself or loved ones in the new year, my thoughts are with you.:hug:

I have a boring hope - to get in shape! It's come to the point where I feel a lot older than I am. It's not just about looking good anymore, it's about being able to do more.

I aready received a gift of some sessions with a personal trainer. That will be a motivating start for me.

That's my hope that many have every new year!
I have to say first good luck and good health to everyone :hug:
My main aim for 2008 is to build up my business as I quit my part time job on Friday :Scared: and need to make my business work.
I would like to make it away on holiday abroad with my hubby as in 20 years we have never been out of the country sad I know:lol:
Well 2008 may have a problem with my mum but we just keep going with the positive mental attitude and hope for the best so I just hope that you geeks will be here for me if the going gets a bit sad. For the last 3 years we have thought this is the last Christmas but I think perhaps this one really may be. So we are going to make it BRILLIANT!!!

Apart from that...more training starting the beginning of January in Holland.

Live life to the full and be as happy as I am that my kids are all good kids and doing well in school/college and in life.
My kids are my real true joy and they have never let me down yet...the middle one has his moments though!

I'd like to lose some weight too but with the mountain of food in this house I can't think about it yet!!
I want 2008 to be a healthy year for us. I'm working up to running 4 miles from walking it regularly to keep my RA in check.

I plan to finish my Grand Master in January and keep working on our education program and pursue an ambassadorship.

To win lotto.
To get the op that I need asap and get my health sorted.
To win lotto.
To get a few more regulars close to home so I'm not travelling as far.
To win lotto.
To find a suitable house to set up a salon in when I have to move.
Oh, and to win lotto. :green:
For 2008 I hope to
Brake through this horrible confidence barrier and learn to be myself and be happy with that...

I hope my daughter is sooo much happier in "big school" than she is in the one now...and I hope she gets a best friend.

I hope to give up smoking for myself and my children..

I hope my cat or any of my cats dont get pregnant again before I have a chance to have them "done" :rolleyes: (8 cats is taking the mickey)

I hope we all stay healthy all year round....

And I hope all my mates find happiness too if they don't already have it :hug:

Oh and I hope to start xmas shopping in feburary ! So I dont have the panic I have had this year....
And I hope to do as many more courses as I can yayyy
I hope we are a little more financially stable,health and happiness,and another bundle of joy
I'm not hoping for anything, that way i wont be let down :lol:

Wishing you all good health, happiness and love for 2008 and many years to come

Hmmm, what am I hoping for in 2008? A good question! I've been thinking about this myself and my current goals are:

1) Loose some weight (drop a waist size)
2) Build the waxing part of my business - do Male Intimate Waxing training
3) Continue to build my web design business
4) Build my Aloe Vera retail business, and help my team do the same
5) Make more money in 2008 then I did in 2007!

Mat xxx
In the first instance, health and happiness for my family and friends:hug::hug:

To continue training, gaining experience and building my business:)
I am hoping that my mum gets better and stays that way, I pray that my beloved dog Jet makes it through more surgery and beats her cancer for good, I wish to stay well and not let my illness drag me down or up anymore :)
I hope my daughter does well at Uni and my son just behaves in school lol
I wish all my geeky friends health,love and most of all happiness in 2008:hug:
I am also hoping to be a bridesmaid....so hopefully the person concerned will find that perfect man.
I've had my eye on a few frocks tbh.:)

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