What do you think of the new Professional Nails mag?


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What do you think of the new standalone Professional Nails magazine?

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ruth has posted me a copy yay :D cheers gal :thumbsup: so will keep the phone number handy for subscriptions as im sure i'll need it! cant wait to have a lookey
nickki jonesx


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Mar 5, 2003
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Hi all...

Just a quickie to get your feedback on what you thought of the new standalone issue of Professional Nails that came out at ExCeL.

I'd love to hear your comments (good and bad), so please add a post, enter the poll, or email me at [email protected] with your personal opinions.

Your views are really important in helping make PN a better mag...


PS: Sorry about the poll - I am just being dense and now I can't seem to edit it back to one not two items! Doh...
I have been a subscriber to PB for a couple of years and I always felt guilty adding the bulk of my magazine to my recycling pile. I am not in the beauty therapy side and as such did not really want that part of the magazine. But I bought it purely for the nails.

I am glad now that PN is a standalone. I only hope that since I now get all 3 UK magazines that I don't end up reading all the same info 3 times. I appreciate that there will be some overlaps as there is a limit to how much news there will be each month - ie. whats news in one will also be news for the other 2.

Sorry to run off at the mouth a bit so here's to a successful magazine.
I thought it was ace ;)

ps... I added the poll for you :D
I enjoyed it, interesting, cant wait for the next copy. :)
Well Kat,
I think it's fab................. now I don't have to make do with the little pull out Nails Mag anymore, but get a proper one..................
The Nail profession is ever growing and that little pull out thingy, didn't do our Industry any justice.............

I like the style, the lay-out and all that goes with it...................
So well done Hun

Keep up the great work
love Ruth xxxxxxx
I think it is fab and I think.... that it will get more fab :oops: Keep up the great work with your team and we all look forward to forthcoming mags!! ;) :p :D :D ;) 8)
:thumbsup: yep i like
How do I get a subscription to Professional Nails magazine?
...is the company that publishes Professional Beauty and Professional Nails, the number that I have is 020 7471 1618... they can connect you to subscriptions!! 8)
i agree with what ruth has written.......... i think its fab and it takes longer to read so i wont wear it out as quick as i did the past ones ...... so keep them coming ...........................

love faye xxxxxxxxxx (aka ruths daughter :D )
Hi Kat

I to subscribe to all 3 mags, and like Fiona, hope there will be a bit of difference between them.

I know it will be hard, but good luck to you all there I'm sure you'll make a success of it ;)

All the best

p.s When I subscribed at Excel it would have been really useful if I had been given a nice Professional Nails carrier bag to put my new mag and CND goodies in (just a thought :D )
Hi Kat,
I too subscribed at Excel (thanx for the 'Giggles')
I enjoyed the mag, would be nice to see a comp of some sort as a regular feature. :)
i thought it was great keep up the good work :D :D :D
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