When do you draw the line ?


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As you have agreed to the appointment I think you are just going to have to grin and bear it in good grace. After all you did say yes.

Hopefully you have learnt a lesson and in future if you dont want to fill a space/day be assertive and just say you are unavailable, you dont have to give an explaination or reason you just do not have a space available.

Good advice above; crossing out the times/days in your appointment book well in advance.

Enjoy your Christmas break when you finally get one.

I would just say "no thats not a convenient time for me, and as I am sure you are very busy getting ready for christmas, so am I. I could fit you in at such and such a time but that is the only time I am available before the holiday."


Trish :hug:
This thread is very interesting,
Because ...I don't know if any of you remember a few weeks ago I had a client come at 9pm (as she always does) but the set turned out to have a few problems she didn't leave my house until gone 1am :eek:....

I swore there and then that I wouldn't work that late and 7pm would be my very latest appointment,
Now she texted me the other day to tell me she had some lifting (not surprised as at that time of night I was not on full form as you can imagine)

She said they would hang on till after Christmas and could I fit her in on the 27th.....I text back yes I can hun (even though i wasn't going to work on the 27th i felt bad because she has lifting)
But I will have to do them in the day time...
she sent back....day times no good for me will have to be night :eek:

Now do I be brave and just risk loosing her...?
or do this one set (will be a soak off and new set I think)
and then tell her that I wont be working nights anymore,?

I just don't know what to do i really don't ...
I would like to think I could just be assertive and say "well no sorry then you may have to find another technician"
But I so know I can't ...but then I also know that to run a business I need to have that amount of strength...

I know she DOES have some free time of a day because she never has to get up early the day after I do her nails....
Last time I did them I said " I can't believe it has gone midnight" she replied
" oh its OK, I don't have to be up early in the morning "

I smiled at her...but i was thinking " well maybe you don't...but I blooming do"

Help me peeps....what should I do ?
Shes also a saving money type...bit her nails off once instead of paying for a soak off....yet name drops about her clothes and hairdresser and etc.....

I'm so sorry for hijacking your thread lol....My post wasn't meant to be this long...once I started writing couldn't stop lol :lol:
Tell her that your scheduling doesn't allow for the evening slot anymore. That your days end at such and such a time, and the last booking is such and such a time. Be firm. That's the only way.

This is my first xmas I've had the guts to put my foot down a few times, and I feel better for it.
The holidays are insane enough, without booking on days/times that are really not convenient, etc...

Last year, I still let people walk all over me, desperate to take any that came my way.
Now I'm more confident and more established and I refuse to be bullied.

And don't automatically feel bad about the lifting.
I used to.
UNTIL I realized.. it wasn't me (at least 99% of the time it isn't lol the odd one I get too close to the sidewalls, but that's the very rare off one).

If myself and several other clients aren't lifting, but the odd one does, then it's something she's doing and not me.
It's usually the same ones, and I try to pinpoint with them what's causing it.

Be firm. Take pride. You're a professional. Your lawyer won't take you xmas eve to work on a will. Your doctor won't see you on xmas for a silly little cold. Your mechanic won't take you for an oil change.

Make that your new mantra :lol::wink2:
With regards to the original post....

I would honestly tell her that although you tried your hardest to accomodate her, it's simply NOT possible to take her that day. That you're very sorry, and regret it, but you must reschedule.

Don't do this to yourself. It's not worth the heartache and aggravation. If she's any kind of human being, she'll understand.
If she doesn't, do you really want 'that' kind of client?

In my case this time hun...the lifting is down to my application..I tried something new..and it didnt work to well xxxxx
In my case this time hun...the lifting is down to my application..I tried something new..and it didnt work to well xxxxx

Emms - tell her you can't do the evening as you are not available/in town/gone away.
I hate people like this, they could not get their hair done at midnight for goodness sake. Don't let the woman treat you like that.
I'd be almost laughing at her if it was me, 'You want to come at what time?? It's christmas did you know?' :smack:
Sorry hun, I grates me, do you really need her biz, I'd be temopted to let her go elsewhere, if you are constantly having to do her nails when it's late/not suitable for you etc, if you are anything like me, i'd resent it and end up not doing my best job on her - not on purpose, but because I'd be mad or tired etc.
That did happen to you last time - so say to her, look love I really don't do my best in the eves and from now on my lates appointment is 5.30pm (that's what mine is!)
I am like you babe...I don't do my best work of an evening at all....she finishes work at about 8pm...but around this time I am doing supper and baths getting kids ready for bed..therefore she has to come at 9pm...
I do resent this as I am ready for bed then....or even if not bed...chilling out in my jammies at least,

I think I will tell her I can no longer do any appointments so late...
I do need clients ...but not 9pm ones :lol:
this friday is my last day and i am not available to clients until 3 January, i want to have a nice family christmas and make sure i enjoy myself

some clients can be pushy so you just have to be firm and stand your ground

in general my clients are very understanding but you will always get the odd person trying to see how far they can push their luck with you!​
Now do I be brave and just risk loosing her...?
or do this one set (will be a soak off and new set I think)
and then tell her that I wont be working nights anymore,?

I just don't know what to do i really don't ...

Just tell her again, you can do the day but not the evening. Don't offer an explanation or a justification, just say it's then or the New Year..... We do need to be flexible but we also have lives of our own......

Be nice but be firm!
The subject of out of hours appointments has been about for ages. Emma I am copying one of my very first posts for you, yup from way back on 13 July 2004!!!!!!! ...

Think back to why you originally wanted to get into nails. Was it partly to fit around your family life or was it to create an income, esp if it is a sole income.

I used to be in a v stressful job and got into nails to get out of the rat race and give more quality time to my family. When I went self employed I said yes to everything and anything, any time any place (I did mobile) anywhere. Then suddenly realised that I was falling back into a stressful lifestyle, dashing here there and everywhere with little time or energy for anyone else(including me). So I said enough is enough!!!!!!! I would only work til late on a Friday and poss a Thursday.

I then said to all my clients that I was putting a £5 surcharge on to mobile appointments. It was amazing, 90% then started coming to me, it made me more time efficient as it almost eradicated my travelling time, But (and now we get to the point) those that wanted a special service were willing to pay the extra.

So if you WANT to work evenings and feel it has an added value service then charge for it- you may be surprised how many people may then be able to get to you at a time that is more convenient to you. If people value you and your work thye WILL pay for it.(Perhaps start charging extra to new customers and to your existing clients give them a loyalty reward and say you won't start charging extra for another 2 months, this will make them feel special and valued! - just a thought, as it works everytime with mine).

... and it comes from this thread http://www.salongeek.com/nail-geek/6300-evening-clients.html. I think it was the very first post I got rep for too!
Sounds like she will bully you all the time into coming in when she wants her nails done!:rolleyes:


That could be the trouble, it will set a precedent and then she may think she can demand what time she likes. If you do it, make it clear it's as a special favour for her for Christmas, a one-off.

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