When do you draw the line ?


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Aug 3, 2006
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Hi guys I just wondered when you eventually say NO ! I find it really hard to say no to a client. Im working right up till xmas eve already and now I have just agreed to open the salon on sunday because my client wouldnt take no for an answer ! Its not that I hadnt already offered her other appointments its just she has"other" things todo !! Like I dont ! I love my salon and my job but I love my family too and I wanted to spend they day with the kids preparing for Christmas Day . But on the up side Im going to watch my 4 year old this afternoon in her first nativity play in her home made angel costume !! and I think Im going to cry !!!!
thats pretty tough going! are you opening on christmas eve at all? we are, just for a half day though so it will be quite nice! are you going to be taking more bookings for sunday or just doing that one client? If its just the one i'd try to get her to come in early, so you can get her out of the way and have the rest of the day to yourself! :) xx
Iintend To Only Be There For This One Client ! But She Cant Possibly Come Till 12 !!!!!!!! It Just Gets Better And Better
simple really .... you say "no" when you have had enough, no point whinging when it's you that says "yes".
im wasnt whinging I just find it hard to let people down sorry if I sound like im moaning .
If it wasn't christmas would you open on a sunday for this client? I'm guessing no. If she really wants her treatments done, then she will find the time during normal opening hours, simple. If she is a longtime client she will understand, if not, what's the loss if you don't pander to her? Do you really want a client that dictates to you what hours you will work? She doesn't own your business you do. :hug:
You have said that you don't like letting people down, and also that you love your family, right? To be the devils advocate, would you much rather let your family down by not being there on sunday than letting down someone who you see maybe once a fortnight?
i understand how you feel, i dont like the thought of letting anyone down, i know it's the season of good will but i think she's taking the mick! last week i had a client who begged me to come on 3 hours early for a mani, she wanted me there at 9.30, i turned up at 9.30 but because her blow dry was finished by about 20 past 9 she just buggered off! i think that if shes not a regular you should call her up and say either that you cant do it, or that she will have to come in earlier, imo its more important that you spend time with your family on sunday, and by the sounds of it it is not like she'd tip you loads for your trouble anyway! good luck chick xx
I don't think you're whingeing at all !

I sometimes find it hard to say no to people. I've a couple of clients who seem to be able to read my flippin' diary upside down, and if there's a blank space . . . they think they can pick and choose! Because I work from home, they seem to think I'm around to do nails 24/7!

SO . . . what I do now is, for a couple of months ahead I cross out all the space that I am not prepared to work. Including, for me, Saturdays, Sundays, between 3.15pm and 7pm in the week (I work school hours and evenings) and time I need for dentist, school play or whatever. When clients see a big black cross in the book they don't question it!! It's amazing!

I think the worst thing you can do is to try and justify to a client why you cannot work/open up the salon. Either you have appointments available or you don't.

With this particular one, I would probably do it, but learn from it and be prepared next time lol!

Enjoy your daughter's play and take your tissues! Adorable! :hug:
I have, on the odd occasion, taken out of hours appointments, only to find they cancel last minute or don't even pitch up ... because they are still too busy! I've learned the hard way I'm afraid. I don't make excuses, I just say I don;t have any appointments available and that is that.

I always remember when I worked in Fleet Car Sales. I worked Monday to Friday but often we would have company car drivers come in on a weekend wanting a demo test drive. When they were told that the fleet department didn't work at weekends they'd get irate ... so the retail salesmen would say "well you're not working today either are you" ... they had a point!
I have said to my receptionist that I am prepared to work Sunday and Monday if necessary.

on the understanding Clients pay in full by Friday and apps all booked in a certain timeframe.
I dont think your whinging either hun, just asking us for our opinion!! :rolleyes:


My salon is open 6 days a week, 9-5, and 10-8 on weds and thurs, so I rarely get a client asking for an appointment on a sunday. If it was a regular, and they absolutely desparately needed me, then I would open just for them, close and go home again.

If it was a new client, I would state my opening hours and ask if they can possibly do any other day / time, and if they cant, I even offer to stay open late on the days I normally wouldn't. Luckily, in a year of being open I have never had an 'out of hours' appointment not show!!

I do find it hard to say no, but when I have gone the extra mile for a client, 9 times out of 10 they really appreciate it and remain loyal :green: which makes me smile! :green:

I think its really down to personal choice. Even after a year, I'm in no position to turn any business away. So I dont. But sometimes, you do have to put your family first, especially at christmas! :) x
i had 4 people ring up and ask what time im working till xmas eve - i finish friday no way am i working xmas eve - i wanna be out enjoying the partys too xx
I too don't think your whingeing!

It is really hard when you get a pushy client and when they just won't take NO for an answer, they put you on the spot.

I bet she doesn't give you a tip!

I stayed late for a client the other night and was shattered, he thanked me nicely but not even 50p extra, AND after he showed off his new blackberry and told him he had just sold one of his businesses for a lot of money!
Easy fixed - tell the client that because you are going in especially for her on your day off it'll cost twice the usual price - to make it worth you're time to go in, set up etc. I'm sure she'll say 'no thanks' and reschedule for when you're open.
I have a feeling she wont turn up and then you will be really annoyed.
Personally I'd phone her and tell her that you will have to postpone the appointment to the New Year.
Dont get into explanations, just offer her another appointment.
Sounds like she will bully you all the time into coming in when she wants her nails done!:rolleyes:

Enjoy the play x
You're not having a winge chuck!

I used to bend over backwards to help out clients. Now, I don't.

Would her hairdressers open especially for her on a sunday?? I don't think so.

She's taking the pee hun, don't let people like this walk over you, she will expect it ALL THE TIME.
I would ring her, with some alternative appointments that FIT IN WITH YOU, and just tell her the truth....it's christmas, you have kids, you are working xmas eve, been rushed off your feet all this week, is she going to go do your xmas shopping for you? No. If she's got a heart, she'll understand, otherwise she's being very selfish.

I'm working all week & Sat my last client is booked in at 3.30. That's it. No more.

There's a good chance that this woman may even not bother to turn up you know, I have often made a special attempt to help someone with odd appointments & they don't turn up.:irked:

What annoys me the most, is when you have gone right out of your way & done something close to a miracle - and they don't even say thanks very much for doing that, or give a tip, it makes me think, ballacks! I'm not doing that again!!
I don't think it's that you don't like letting people down, I think it's because you need to be more assertive. This client sounds like a manipulative bully and I wouldn't be surprised if she cancels at the last minute because she's too busy. xxx
I don't think it's that you don't like letting people down, I think it's because you need to be more assertive. This client sounds like a manipulative bully and I wouldn't be surprised if she cancels at the last minute because she's too busy. xxx

Wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't even have the time to cancel and just doesn't turn up!
Wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't even have the time to cancel and just doesn't turn up!
So right! When she's late and she gets a call asking where she is, she'll reply 'Oh crap! I'm so sorry but I'm too busy and I forgot to call'.
I have said NO....I finish this Friday and go back on 2nd Jan...this will be the first break i have had since last Christmas. I work mon - fri ....day and evening and was told by a client this week that i should be more flexible...:rolleyes:...i am flexible, you can either come in the day...come in the evening or go the the local chop shop on a saturday...:lol:

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