WHERE IS Deborah Dickson?


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Jul 28, 2004
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Hi there ive been creative trained for nearly 10years and wanted to know if i could find my original trainer Deborah Dickson, i trained through the hertford regional college in ware herts, deborah came to a little salon in hertford town called finger tips which was run by marion newman and a lady called kay.
I often see marion newman on qvc selling spangles products.
Deborah was so helpful along with gigi who back then invited me to her home in leeds to see how things work in the creative world..
If anyone knows where deborah is now i would love to know!!
Ginger x x:biggrin:
Hey Jamie!! How are you.
Last I heard of Deb my Samantha met her by chance at Leeds Bradford Airport going out to Amsterdam where she had a new man (debbie this is not samantha :lol: ) and was commuting every weekend ... ah love!! That was a good 6 months back.
Can't tell you if she is still working but Samantha might know more. If she sees your post, I'm sure she will let you know.
Those were the days when the nails at Harrods were really good, when you and Debbie were there remember??? 2 competition winners??
Aren't you in Lincoln now?? I may not remember the details but I certainly remember you ... you won a competition too if I remember correctly!!
Patsy Pretty is now living out here in Spain like me and Simon. She is not near to us, but I still hear from her on a regular basis.
Fun days!!
i am sure marion newman is a member of this site (user name mum i think). Not sure about kay dodd but certainly see her in scratch etc...did fashion rocks. Finger tips in hertford is still going strong
I met up with Marian last week in London for a 6 hour lunch which was delightful ... and she told me that Kay had just sold the Salon in Hertford!
kay did my first ever set of extensions when i got married (first time that is!) 12 years ago...i rekon i have her to blame for getting hooked!
Hi Ginger
Yes I'm here. I left FingerTips years ago (and haven't been on QVC for over 3 years!)
As Geeg said, Kay has just sold the salon and is off doing a bit of travelling. I remember Deborah very well. There was a bit of a 'gang' of us at the time. Her, Kay, Gigi, jackie Messer, Ketan, Gillian, (who died recently) and others.

Time goes by very fast!
Hiya all thanx for your answers.x

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